UN Ambassadors demand Apology from Trump for His Racist Remarks on Africa

President Donald Trump

THE African Group of Ambassadors to the United Nations has demanded an apology from United States President Donald Trump for calling African countries “shithole”

The ambassadors made the demand after  an emergency session on January 12, in New York, United States of America, to consider the remarks made by Trump.

The ambassadors were “extremely appalled at, and strongly condemn the outrageous racist and xenophobic remarks attributed to the president of United States of America as widely reported by the media.”

A document issued after the meeting which is in possession of Realnews demanded “a retraction and apology” from Trump.

According to the document, the ambassadors are “concerned at the continuing and growing trend from the US administration towards Africa and people of African descent to denigrate the continent and people of colour.”

They expressed solidarity with the people of Haiti and others that have been similarly denigrated.

The African Ambassadors reiterated the statement of the African Union  Commission and those issued by a number of African countries condemning the president of United States.

The group also thanked “the American people from all walks of life and background who have condemned the remarks and reaffirmed its commitment to the values and principles of multilateralism, diversity and equality of nations as enshrined in relevant African Union and UN charter and Instrument.

– Jan. 13, 2018 @ 12:00 GMT /


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