Public lecture on easy funding of children’s education holds in Lagos


EDUCATION advocates and SmartCareers are sponsoring a public lecture as part of their contribution to the conversation that will help to resolve the challenges afflicting the education industry in Nigeria.

According to the organisers, the event will hold at MAN Event Centre, 5 Elewura Street, Wemabod Estate. Off Adeniyi Jones Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos, Saturday, May 19.

Hence, they want parents and guardians to attend so as to know how to fund their children’s education (from nursery to university) with ease and guarantee their excellent academic performance at a free public lecture.

The organisers reasoned: “Access to good quality education in Nigeria should not drive a parent into depression, debt, and continuous stress. Education is considered a human right, and social good, which simply means access to good and quality education, should be at less / no cost at all.

“The general notion is that only well-furnished and highly built private schools can deliver quality education simply because their rate is high. Research have shown that parent do not have the right professional guidance to help them make decisions about their wards education.

“Research has also shown that school fees consumes up to 90% of parents income. For some others, the entire family income is not up to 50% of the money they need to pay school fees.

“In the United States of America, college students fund their education to the level of about 65% through their own income, savings, scholarships, grants, and loans. In Britain, parents do not have to save to guarantee good quality education for their children, students can pick up all their education bills through scholarships, grants, loans and income from part time work, while they attend their Ivy League college, Oxford, Cambridge and the likes. In some Scandinavian countries, education up to doctoral level is virtually free; students are paid salaries in addition to undertaking their doctoral research free.

“But here, parents are made to pay tuition fee through tooth and nail for music, dance, karate, bead making classes their children will not find useful in the management of their careers.”

Who can attend?

.     Parents who desire to give their children good quality education at any level and at a cost they can conveniently afford.

.       Parents of children who are currently in Primary 5, and Primary 6 as well as SS1, and SS2, about to make higher educational decisions for their children.

.       Individuals who need professional guidance on how to process relocation to Canada, US, and UK

.       Parents wishing to build happy and financially secure families where all members work cooperatively together

The first event of the day holds from 10:00am to 12:00 pm, while the second holds between 2:00pm and 4:00pm.

Participants are to chose which will suit them and gates would open 30 minutes before start time.

Facilitator is Peter Ogudoro, who holds a PhD in Education & Career Management..Click here for his profile

To register please log on to:


YouTube Link: 

Note:   You will be sent an invitation that confirms the session you are booked for. The invitation will reach you at least 3 days before the event.

So, please ensure the contact details you give us are accurate. Call 08023249654 if by May 17, 2018 you have not received your invitation.

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