Harrow Grace Foundation Donates Borehole to Abuja Rural Community

Efe Oluwatosin


HARROW Grace Foundation, a Christian non-profit organization which helps vulnerable people in the society, on Aug. 15 handed over a borehole it built for a rural community in Abuja, ending a 100-year wait for potable water in the area.

Gbaupe, situated off the Abuja airport expressway, had endured a lack of social amenities like water, electricity, hospitals and schools since a group of hunters settled there a century ago. The absence of clean water exposed the settlers, especially children under five years of age, to unhygienic conditions which made water-borne diseases prevalent in the community.

“It is almost impossible to comprehend that these people dwell so close to the seat of power in Africa’s largest economy and are yet so far removed from the trappings of wealth that surrounds them,” said Efe Oluwatosin, president of the Foundation.

She said Harrow Grace was committed to helping communities like Gbaupe alleviate their suffering and help prevent diseases associated with poverty. “In addition, we are devoted to advocating for women and children with a view to freeing them from economic, social and physical poverty.

“Pursuant to achieving this goal, we are vigorously engaged, amongst other things, in the provision of food, shelter, medical help, education, life training skills, mentoring, as well as health programs to vulnerable women and children,” Oluwatosin said.

The head of the village, Chief Danjuma Gejere, thanked the Foundation for the assistance which he said would substantially raise the people’s living standard. Pastor Joseph Oluwatosin who commissioned the borehole urged the people to observe personal hygiene as they enjoy the facility to avoid water contamination.

Harrow Grace Foundation was started by Efe Oluwatosin in 2015 following a missionary visit to Gbaupe. Besides the borehole it donated to the community, it also sponsors five children from the community in primary school, and recently improved the living conditions of an indigent family. Foundation is desirous of contributing its quota to alleviating poverty in needy communities.

—  Aug 17, 2016 @ 13:20 GMT


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