Opposition Has Nowhere to Sweep in Ebonyi, says Gov. Umahi

Dave Umahi


DAVID Nweze Umahi, governor of Ebonyi State, says there is no where in his state for any opposition political party to sweep.

Umahi, who spoke when a delegation from Ohaozara, Onicha and Ivo Federal constituency as well as stakeholders from Onicha-East constituency paid him a new year homage in Ohaozara LGA , explained that his efforts to transform the state had made it impossible for  broom to be useful .

The governor, who apparently was making reference to the All Progressives Congress and its symbol in the state, in statement on at the weekend by his chief press secretary, Emma Anya, however,  said that the only recognisable APC member in the state was President Muhammadu Buhari.

Umahi, according the statement, said: “When you have broom in Ebonyi State where will you sweep? Is there any place to be swept? Is Ebonyi not clean? Is Ebonyi not neat?

“There is nothing to sweep. They have to take it (broom) to places that are dirty and continue their sweeping. But in Ebonyi State and because of the kind of people in APC, our people doing handiwork have refused to produce brooms again. So, there are no brooms in Ebonyi State because we have made everywhere to be very clean. When you’re walking on our roads you will be seeing yourself because the light will be on. So you will be seeing your shadow on the road. So there is nothing to sweep.”

The President, said the governor, regards Ebonyi State with deep affection unlike APC members from the state who do not care for the welfare of the people.

Pledging Ebonyians unflinching loyalty to the Buhari administration, Umahi said the only vote APC would get in the state would be that of the President.

His words, “I have always said that APC is one man and that’s the President.  The President is  a man with good character and that’s why we are supporting him and he is supporting Ebonyi State. “Ebonyi State is very dear in the heart of the President but not in the hearts of the masqueraders who have not given anybody chalk.

“If APC will get a vote in Ebonyi State, it will get vote by the President alone and nobody else.”

Governor Umahi explained that his purposeful leadership which, according to him, is anchored on God, has brought enormous peace and made no other party to exist in the state.

He advised the people not to be deceived by those who had opportunity to help others but rather used it to care for themselves alone.

Umahi added, “We have seen the need for unity in Ebonyi State. We’ve seen the need for equity and fair play in the land of Ebonyi and God is helping us so much in this direction because that’s why we have absolute peace in Ebonyi State and that’s why there is no other party.

“People have been deceiving our people for years. Every time they deceive our people and they have had opportunity to buy houses in Abuja. Whom have they sent to school? Whom have they paid their school fees. The time of deceit is gone.”

—  Jan 9, 2017 @ 18:00 GMT



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