Cricket federation boss promises to dedicate funds for facilities maintenance


THE Nigeria Cricket Federation (NCF) says it will commit some of its funds to facilities maintenance to help develop the sport.

President of the federation,  Prof. Adam Yahaya-Ukwenyi, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos on Friday that the funds would help the body to maintain and sustain its facilities for proper usage.

The president said lack of good maintenance culture was responsible for most of the dilapidated facilities in the country.


“One thing about cricket is that if you put facilities in place, the maintenance becomes more important, so the maintenance must be there before you even start the facilities.

“So it is imperative that whatever investment we are putting into facility comes with a maintenance package; and we have gone into partnership with the South Africa Cricket Association in that regard; they are the biggest in the continent.

“They have given us their number one facility expert, he visited the country last week and at the moment he is looking at all the component of maintaining and sustaining the facility.

“Some aspect of our funding will go strictly into facility maintenance; we will put it in our constitution and usually the funds will come from the facilities.’’

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