Activist wants victims of domestic violence to report cases to save lives

Domestic violence
Domestic violence

OLAYINKA Ibrahim, a Civil Rights Activist, has advised victims of domestic violence not to be lackadaisical but to formally report such incidents to police or related agencies to avert loss of lives.

Ibrahim gave the advice in an interview with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Osogbo against the backdrop of reported cases of killings on account of domestic violence in the country.

He said domestic violence was an abuse by one person against another in a domestic setting or in a home which includes physical and psychological abuse in marriage.

According to him, women are mostly perceived as victims of domestic violence but some few men are also victims of violence in homes, especially men who are weak and their partners are bullies.

He added that both female and male adults could be victims of domestic violence but majority of victims were believed to be women because of reported cases.

The activist explained that in Nigeria, women suffer one form of domestic violence or another, identifying the causes of such violence to include cultural believe (where certain cultural practice and belief stipulates that women don’t have a say in the family), historical antecedents of partner (where a partner has history of domestic violence in his family).

Others are patriarchal society (where the society believes the male has power to do what he wants with his wife) and financial problem (where lack of money makes the man aggressive and hostile to his wife).

He noted that domestic violence was not always the case of the man being the aggressor because physical abuse, sexual abuses psychological abuses and other forms of violence could also be meted on men.

He stressed the need for victims to report cases to authorities in charge so as to check cases of injuries and death from such acts.

He said “domestic violence can lead to everlasting trauma, physical disability or untimely death and children who grow up witnessing domestic violence can also grow up to be abusers too.”

Ibrahim explained that in most cases, domestic violence often lead to breakup of marriages, admonishing victims to report to organisations and agencies of government who could help them.

He said there were several Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) that domestic violence victims could approach and get assistance.

He listed the organisations to include Social Welfare Department of Ministry of Women Affairs and the family unit of Nigerian Police.

“Victims can also approach a law court by presenting their case through competent human right lawyers,” the official said.

He said all known religions seriously condemn all forms of violence including domestic violence, stressing that it was viewed as highest level of irresponsibility for anyone to abuse his or her spouse.

He, therefore, urged victims of domestic violence to seek help before it became late. (NAN)

– May 14, 2018 @ 14:29 GMT |


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