Women in Leadership Conference Holds in London



First international women in leadership conference organised by Her Story Matters holds in London, on November 26

By Anayo Ezugwu  |  Nov 21, 2016 @ 01:00 GMT  |

HER Story Matters is organising its first international women in leadership conference in London, on November 26. This conference promises to inspire women at various stages of their journey in life to accomplish their goals and to achieve greatness through mentorship.

Harriet Khataba, founder, Her Story Matters, said the international women in leadership conference was designed to support women to become higher achievers in the various endeavours.

“The women in leadership conference was created to fill a gap in our communities. The Her Story Matters organisation is fulfilling this need to help generate support for women and to raise awareness for women to be involved in leadership positions in all stages of life for in business and the communities,” she said.

The conference is for aspiring women leaders who have a dream or passion to become an achiever.

The conference is expected to inspire and build confidence of women in the pursuit of their dreams despite pressure or adversity. “Be empowered and prepared for leadership by harnessing creativity, skills and your true self. Learn how to identify your potential. Discover how to be bold, take risks and to fulfil your true potential and destiny,” Khataba said.

Experience people in leadership positions are expected to attend the conference to advice women on strategies to manage stress and pressures as leaders.

Khataba established the organisation to help support women across the globe. Her mission is to give girls of all ages a voice to tell the story of her journey. For Khataba, this conference is a significant step to bring women together from different stages of their lives, so that they may bond and find strength from their unique experiences and accomplishments.

“I am excited about our first women in leadership conference. Leadership is key to mobilising women to bring change. The speakers are incredible and truly reflect the Her Story Matters message to have women’s voices heard – uniting to bring change. This unity is truly inspiring!”

The keynote speakers at the conference are Sherry-Ann Dixon, Baroness Steadman Scott, Neslyn Watson-Druée, more others. Dixon is an award winning Journalist and a transformational lecturer. She is the country committee chairperson for Motivation UK for the ALL Ladies League.

While Baroness Steadman Scott, is the conservative member of the House of Lords and the former chief executive officer of Tomorrow’s People Trust. Also, Neslyn Watson-Druée is a leadership trainer.

The other speakers are Muzvare Betty Makoni, described by Newsweek magazine as one of “150 women who shake the world,” and former head of Zurich Corporate Pensions, global sales director and executive committee member; Jan Floyd-Douglass, Bestselling author of “Rocking Your Role,” and Jenny Garrett, a business management specialist, entertainment entrepreneur.



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