2023: I’ll reduce youth unemployment, poverty in Isoko when elected – Ukodhiko

By Ajiri-Oghene Oreh

HOUSE of Representatives candidate of Peoples Democratic Party for Isoko Federal Constituency, Pst. Jonathan Ukodhiko has said he would reduce youth unemployment and poverty in Isoko if elected.

Ukodhiko made the promise last weekend in an exclusive interview with Ejiro Mukoro of LightRay Media Ltd at his countryhome in Erawha-Owhe in Isoko North Local Government Area.

He stated that, “Isoko as we know is a special ethnic group in Nigeria, and for me, there are a lot of things to be done to help alleviate the sufferings of our people.

“Today, there are high rates of poverty, crimes and insecurity caused by massive unemployment and you will agree with me that government alone cannot provide employment for everybody.

“The reality is the youths of Isoko are getting frustrated and disillusioned and, are taking to various forms of crimes.

“We need to redirect the energies of our youths to skills development for vocational and entrepreneurial engagements in order to create employment for Isoko youths, add value to their lives and contribute meaningfully to the national economy.”

The House of Representatives hopeful said, “the cardinal point of my aspiration is; to unite Isoko together for sustainable development and provide employment and empowerment

“Yes, we have vibrant Isoko youths in our communities across the Federal Constituency, who are well educated and are talented and we need to harness these potentials,”

The former Delta Energy Commissioner, Ukodhiko revealed, “we will bring innovation to the skills acquisition. We will train them on entrepreneurial development; on how to translate the skills acquired to wealth creation.

“The trainings will entail how and where the youths will apply the skills acquired. To realize this; we will attach mentors to them and ensure they work with right companies in the areas of their skills.

“This can not be achieved personally. It is a collective efforts, collaboration with government and the private sectors.

“I want to appeal to our teeming youths to unite and support and vote massively for me into the House of Representatives and I’ll work to better the lives of our people,“ Ukodhiko added.