A World of Crazy Haircuts

Weird haircut
Weird haircut

People love crazy haircuts for various reasons. Some want to stand out in a crowd; others want to create their own image while others prefer to look like celebrities

|  By Anayo Ezugwu  |  Dec. 31, 2012 @ 01:00 GMT

OLASUNKANMI Yusuf, a computer repairer, at Alaba international market, Lagos, loves a crazy haircut because it makes him look different among his friends. Besides, it helps to attract customers to him. “I stand out with it and it also makes me look and feel like a celebrity. Some people come to my shop because of my hair style,” Yusuf said. Having a crazy haircut is currently the fad in town. Some people would even go the extra mile in a desperate attempt to look like their favourite celebrities.

Many youths have fallen for this trend. Samni Michael, the owner of a barbing saloon in Iba, Ojo, Lagos State, does not see people barbing their hair in different styles as crazy. Rather, he views his business as one that assists people to create the image of themselves that others will admire. “Though normal hairstyles such as low-cut and skin-cut are cheaper, people still prefer to spend more money to look different,” he said.

Crazy haircut
Crazy haircut

Fabian Dieke, a mechanic, said his hair style makes him feel like a superstar. “My hair style is called Pharaoh but others call it Atlanta. I usually spend like N 1,500 to maintain this hair style every two weeks,” he said. Monday Uche, a furniture apprentice, said his style of haircut is just for the celebration of Christmas. “I will be travelling to the East next week and this hair style will make me look different among my friends. My master is not happy with me because of the hair style, so I have to cut it off immediately I come back next year,” he said.

Students in higher institutions are fast gaining interest in the trend. Some of them are found with haircuts in different shapes and styles. But the authorities of some universities are not comfortable with the trend and have decided to expel students wearing “crazy” haircuts. Lagos State University is one of the institutions that are not ready to tolerate crazy haircuts by students in the campuses.

Celebrities and well known personalities in Nigeria also influence this youthful fashion trend. Entertainers like Charley Boy, Terry G, D’Prince and other upcoming artistes are well known for wearing unusual haircuts, as their trademark. In Hollywood, some celebrities are also known for their unusual way of cutting their hair. Such celebrities keep their fans guessing as to what style they would cut next.

In the past, youths between 15 and 20 years, had demonstrated their love for different kinds of crazy hair styles. Many of them regarded such hair styles as another way of self-expression or a way of identifying with favourite artists, footballers or simply being creative in a different way. Hair fashion, especially the crazy types, is not without security and societal implications for some. Security agents usually regard persons with crazy haircuts as hoodlums, and the societies where they live also perceive them as irresponsible. That notwithstanding, the reigning popular crazy haircuts common among the youths include the Rickclose, Dreadlocks, Mondenk, Agatha, Moonhok, Galas, and Pharaoh.

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