Abati and Rufai on Isreal this morning 

By Val Obienyem 

SOMETIMES, in our efforts to maintain objectivity, we may unintentionally become unrealistic. Here’s a perspective on Dr. Abati and Mr. Rufai’s views expressed on Arise TV this morning. In the context of the conflict between Israel and Hamas, I express sympathy for civilian casualties while endorsing Israel’s actions. It’s essential to acknowledge that if Hamas possessed the same strength as Israel, it would have long obliterated Israel from the map.

Consider how Hamas indiscriminately took lives in Israel. If Israel doesn’t address this today, what purpose  will those tunnels  in Gaza  serve  in future? Harpooning Hamas offers Israel the opportunity to confront  existential threat and secure its future.

We should not fault Israel for prioritizing its security, especially when our own government sometimes falls short in ensuring our safety. 

The crisis between Hamas (supported by Iran) and Israel should not be needlessly complicated by reference to religious or  the Arabs. It is purely the crisis between civilization and barbarism!

Those following the conflict can recognize Israel’s efforts to adhere to the rules of engagement. Despite having the capability to destroy Gaza, Israel carefully selects its targets and issues warnings to minimize civilian harm. Israel has experienced indiscriminate violence and doesn’t wish to perpetuate the same tragedy.

My support for Israel is not based on affiliation but rather on a commitment to humanity.


NOVEMBER 1, 2023 @ 20:06 GMT|