Abuja Bans Movement of Cattle on Public Roads


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AFTER several months of complaints by residents, the Abuja administration has decided to go tough on movement of cattle within the metropolis of the Nigerian capital.

Muhammad Bello, minister of the Federal Capital Territory, has, therefore, inaugurated a task team led by Abdullahi Monjel to keep the cattle off the streets of Abuja.

The News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, reports that Bello, at a meeting with members of the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria, directed the association to nominate some of its educated young men to be part of the committee.

He reiterated that herdsmen must move their cattle out of Abuja city.

“You have to understand that when Abuja Environmental Protection Board says cattle should not roam the city, it is not because they want to prevent cattle breeders from raring cattle in the FCT. Basically, it is just for safety. It is for safety of your cattle and above all, safety of the citizens.

“In a modern city, it’s not possible for animals and vehicles to move together on the roads because this could cause accidents which in some cases could be fatal, and it is our duty to protect lives and property,” Bello said.

The decision by the Abuja administration comes a few days after the Ekiti State government inaugurated a security team to enforce its ban on free range cattle grazing in the state.

The law in Ekiti prescribes six months imprisonment without an option of fine for offenders. It also bans movement of cattle in the state after 6 p.m. and mandates that cattle be kept on certified ranches.

— Oct 25, 2016 @ 18:20 GMT


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