Actress Gloria Young tasks mothers on girl-child training

Gloria Young

ACTRESS Gloria Young, the spokesperson for the Catholic Women Organisation of Nigeria, Lagos Archdiocese, has called on mothers to train the girl-child to be an asset.

Young spoke to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) at the World Union of Catholic Women Organisation (WUCWO) Week in Lagos.

WUCWO Week, which started on May 9 will end on May 16.

It is a week-long activity for uniting Catholic women across the globe.

According to Young, the task of raising children is largely placed on the mother’s shoulders.

“She is that hand that rocks the cradle which rules the world.

“Training up a girl-child to develop the potential of good leadership is a major responsibility that women shouldn’t take lightly; therefore, mothers should train up their children properly.

” Mothers should wake up and speak up against injustice and gender inequality, beginning from her families,” she said.

The actress added that mothers should speak up against sexual violence, domestic violence and prejudices in workplaces.

“They should train their daughters to aspire to be presidents and not just first ladies.

“They should allow them to become field engineers, surveyors, and ambassadors and occupy key positions in companies and government offices,” she urged.

The veteran Nollywood actress said that mothers should let the girl-child realize that her gender should not determine her ability.

She expressed satisfaction that some Nigerian women had broken the glass ceiling but said that more women would need to improve their performances.

He advised women to insist on their rights. (NAN)

– May 14, 2021 @ 13:05 GM

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