Adeosun’s resignation: Forgery is a crime, says former ambassador


Nigeria’s former Ambassador to Zambia, Mrs Folake Marcus-Bello, has reacted to the resignation of the former Minister of Finance, describing forgery as a crime.

Marcus-Bello stated this on Monday during an appearance on Sunrise Daily in Lagos few days after Adeosun tendered her resignation letter to President Muhammadu Buhari.

Adeosun’s decision to quit the current administration follows a report by an online media organisation, Premium Times, that she allegedly forged her National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) certificate.

But the former ambassador criticised the forgery, calling for a probe into the reported scandal.

“This is a forgery, this is a crime,” she said. “I hope some investigations will go on and she will find a way to resolve this. It has to be resolved.”

Although the former ambassador exonerated the former minister of having links to criminal activities, she, however, maintained that the alleged certificate forgery caught Adeosun.

“She is not a criminal person. She is caught in this web of not knowing. We appeal that this is properly investigated. We appeal that nobody is protected just as she wasn’t protected and we hope that everybody pays the price,” she added.

The former Ambassador emphasised on the importance of the National Youths Service Corps.

She stated, “The law says if you graduate before 30, you have to serve. There is no two way about it, it’s very clear. The confusion comes with people who graduated outside of this country mainly. They believe that once you come back after 30, you are excluded from youth corps, oh no.

“Let us imagine Mr X graduates at 29 and stays abroad till he is 80. And he comes back here seeking to work anywhere whether private or public sector, he will do NYSC. I just want to make this clear because a lot of young people have asked. When something happens, it is the lessons that we take away that are important.”

She also praised the former minister for her contributions to nation building through some reforms in Nigeria’s financial sector.


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