BEST JOB IN AFRICA: USD3 468 750 bounty for Leading Africa Communications Strategist & Publicist


LAST WEEK UK-based Prize Competition Operator; Lily Black, kicked off Pre-Launch ticket sales for their soon to come weekly “Dream Car Plus USD 20k Cash” Spot The Ball competition; Super Cool Stuff – which goes to market with an Africa first strategy.

Creator and Curator Nigel Daura says feedback from potential Entrants is mixed; massive interest with scepticism. “Our audience is excited by our proposition however concerned that it sounds too good to be true and so in response to this feedback we are moving quickly to engage a leading Africa Communications Strategist & Publicist to help us effectively tell our story clearly, far and wide to allay any concerns that potential Entrants may have.”

Lily Black are looking to team up with a leading Africa Communications Strategist & Publicist to work with. Candidates must have a proven track record. This an opportunity for the right candidate to prove what they are made of and bank anything between USD 185 000 & USD 3 468 750 in as much time as it will take them to craft and execute on a communication strategy to sell between 200 000 and 3 750 000 USD9.25 Super Cool Stuff tickets. Between 2 and 50 x “Range Rover Sport HSE Dynamic Plus USD 20k Cash“ prizes will be up for grabs dependant of ticket sales achieved.

Daura says he has seen the results an innovative product or service, paired with powerful communication strategy can deliver abroad and is keen for Africa to experience the same.

In 2005 he saw on the news a story about a 21-year-old that was just about to start University in the UK he came up with a concept he called the million-dollar homepage. He divided 1 million pixels on the homepage on his website into units of 10 x 10 pixels each and sold each pixel for $1. For $100 a customer could get an image 10 x 10 pixels hosted on the website. The image would have a link to their chosen website. He gained massive media coverage and sold $1m worth of pixels in a few months; dropped out of University and went into business fulltime. Today he runs a tech business which was valued at over $1 billion in February 2019.

In 2009 during the economic down turn in the UK 1 million pound homes were very difficult to sell. A couple that had an 11-acre estate with fish ponds were struggling to sell their property, so they innovated and created a website; they sold 46 000 raffle tickets for 25 pounds. They gave away the fully furnished property to the winner of their raffle and earned more money than they would have selling the house on the property market at that time.

In 2017 he read about an Instagram influencer in China that sold 100 Limited Edition Mini Coopers in under 5 minutes via WeChat; sales totalling over $4 million in under five minutes.

In 2018 he read about yet another social media influencer in the USA that created a fortune of over $900 million within 3 years selling cosmetics online.

Well-known billionaire businessman by the name of Jack Ma started off as an English teacher, he went to the USA, saw what was happening there on the internet and decided to pioneer e-Commerce back home in China.

Today Alibaba the company he founded 20 years ago has grown into a behemoth. On the 11th of November every year they run a promotion which they call Singles day. In 2018 they did 30.8 billion in sales in a single day; 1 billion in sales was achieved in the first 1 minute and 25 seconds and over 10 billion in sales in the first hour.

“We need stories like this to come out of African countries regularly and before this will happen we need our youth to have a paradigm shift in their minds as far as jobs and employment are concerned. For those who can they should start businesses; craft innovative value propositions; solve problems and create jobs for themselves and for others.”

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