Mozambican electoral commission urges peace, order on voting day


MOZAMBIQUE’S National Electoral Commission (CNE) has urged all voters to exercise their rights civilly during the Oct. 15 general elections, and to help consolidate the country’s democracy.

Chairman of the commission Abdul Carimo gave the advice on Monday in Maputo.

“The sixth presidential elections and third provincial elections must be done with civism, discipline, wisdom and the highest level of patriotism as a form of demonstrating our sense of democratic maturity,” Carimo said.

The chairman also urged election observers, with an unprecedented 30,000 members, to defend the credibility of the entire process and to cooperate with electoral institutions.

Bracing for the voting day, the police also declared zero tolerance to violence.

Campaigners for the general elections this year include the incumbent president Filipe Nyusi from the Frelimo party, the main opposition party Renamo’s new leader Ossufo Momade, as well as the leader of MDM Daviz Simango and Mario Albino from AMUSI.

Meanwhile, it will be the first time in the young republic’s history for people to directly elect their provincial governors.


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