Tanzanian president suspends removal of 366 villages in protected areas


TANZANIAN President John Magufuli on Tuesday ordered relevant authorities to suspend removal of 366 villages situated in protected areas for wildlife and forests.
A statement issued by the Directorate of Presidential Communication at State House in the commercial capital, Dar es Salaam, said all ministries responsible for protected areas should implement his directive without delay.
However, President Magufuli also directed the responsible ministries to identify wildlife and forests protected areas which had no wildlife and forests and allocate them to farmers and livestock keepers.
“Farmers and livestock keepers are spending sleepless nights looking for farming and grazing areas, respectively,” the statement quoted Magufuli as saying.
The president particularly directed the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism to start afresh demarcation of areas for human settlements and wildlife conservation.
“ I am not feeling comfortable when I see livestock keepers chased away on the grounds that they are grazing on land earmarked for wildlife protection,” said the president.
“I get the same bad feeling when farmers are evicted from areas considered to be protected for wildlife or forests,” added Magufuli.
About 40 per cent of land in Tanzania is set aside in protected areas for conservation.-NAN


– Jan. 16, 2019 @ 9:29 GMT |

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