After Tomato Ebola, Maize Ebola Threatens Food Production in Nigeria

Ebola in maize


AT a period Northern Nigeria experiences tomato Ebola, there is a fear of another food scarcity with Maize Ebola in the South.

The new maize disease has been uncovered in the South West geopolitical zone of the country by the Institute of Agricultural Research and Training (IAR&T), Moor Plantation, Ibadan.

With Nigerians still grappling with high price of food stuffs, the Institute raised the alarm of looming acute scarcity of maize in the South-West sub-region of the country due to the discovery of a new maize disease ravaging maize on the field in the area.

The institute which is the zonal coordinating research institute for maize in the South-West in a statement issued in Ibadan by its Head of Public Relations Unit, Mr. Adeniyi Amusat, said uncommon pest/disease is presently ravaging maize farm in the South West agro-ecological zone of Nigeria which may likely lead to shortage of maize in the region.

While calling on all stakeholders to aggressively address the looming danger, he maintained that if not checked there may be scarcity and shortage of maize as experienced with tomato recently. The statement noted that the new discovery portends serious danger for production and consumption of maize in the country as it forms larger percentage of live stock feeds formulation especially in poultry. He however, assured that IAR&T which is the institute saddled with maize production mandate in the region is already setting machinery in motion to control the menace.

The disease, has rendered many hectares of maize plantations malnourished and in some instances stunted and yellowish without maize buds for eventual harvest this year. And many farmers are rueing the development, describing it ‘as an unprecedented phenomenon in recent years.”  – Economic Confidential

—  May 31, 2016 @ 19:55 GMT


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