Agric Ministry holds sensitisation rally on use of agrochemicals in preservation


THE Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has launched sensitisation rally against indiscriminate application of agrochemical substances in preservation of agricultural produce.

A statement released by Don Adinuba, Anambra State Commissioner for Information and Public Enlightenment, said the rally, organised by the Ministry of Agriculture was led by Comfort Obi in collaboration with the women wing of National Association of Nigeria Traders (NANTS).

During the rally, Obi urged farmers and traders at Eke Awka Market, main venue of the rally, to desist from using harmful chemicals such as sniper, sulphites and sorbates in the preservation of foods and items, as well as other agricultural produce.

She explained that the chemicals were hazardous and identified them as causative factors of many diseases such as cancer, renal problems, cardiac diseases and respiratory tract infections.

In the alternative, Obi recommended the following preservative measures; preservation of fruits and vegetables in baskets lined with jute bags and keeping vegetables after harvest in a cool dry place free from contaminants.

Others are the use of fire woods to remove animal skins, instead of using tyres and the preservation of grains in air tight containers.

She also cautioned farmers and traders against defaulting, saying that arrangements were being made by the Federal Government to set up a taskforce to be responsible for checking the use of such chemicals in food preservation.

The statement by the commissioner added that Gov. Willie Obiano of Anambra state, hailed the Federal Government for the commendable initiative, considering the increasing cases of cancer and renal failures among Nigerians.

“It is advised that the sensitisation be made more elaborate using the mass media – the print and electronic media as well as wider coverage of markets/farmers associations to promote the awareness campaign,’’ it added.


– July 15, 2019 @ 12:39 GMT |


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