Alex Otti Foundation presents medical equipment to Federal medical centre

Alex Otti

THE Alex Otti Foundation is to provide 25,000 pairs of medical Hand Gloves, 2,500 units of Medical Facial Masks and 2,500 units of Medical Personal Protection Robes, 2,500 Pairs of Medical Glasses, and 2,500 pairs of Medical Booths to the Federal Medical Centre, Umuahia. Medical Equipment have been paid for and should reach the Federal Medical Centre before the end of the week.

The foundation said on a statement that it has taken delivery of a Six Bedroom Duplex with two room boys quarters in Umuocham, Aba which will be handed over to the Living World Hospital, also in Umuocham Aba, free of charge, for conversion to an isolation Centre in Aba.  “This property is just a few minutes away from the hospital and arrangements have been made with the hospital to operate this Centre. Again, 25,000 Pairs of Medical Hand Gloves, 2,500 units of Medical Facial Masks, 2,500 units of Medical Personal Protection Robes, 2,500 Pairs of Medical Glasses, and 2,500 pairs of Medical Booths would be provided to Living World Hospital Aba to support medical personnel.

“The Foundation has been empowered and has actually opened up the discussion with the management of the hospital-owned by All Aro USA in Arochukwu, to serve as an emergency Centre to deal with possible Coronavirus cases coming out of Abia North. Again, the same protective gears would be made available to the hospital when all agreements are in place,” it said.

It noted that the Catholic hospital in Umuahia, the Madonna Hospital is in a position to handle Coronavirus cases and that had contacted the hospital and the management was excited to partner with the foundation. “To this end, the foundation will also provide personal gears and protective equipment for the medical personnel while working with the hospital on providing another isolation Centre in Umuahia, where possible.

“The foundation has paid for and taken delivery of several cartons of hand sanitizers and facial masks to assist Abia Citizens who may be in need of those items for self-protection. These are available for collection from their offices in Umuahia, Aba and Ohafia on a first-come, first-served basis,” it said.

The foundation urges the government to rise to the occasion and ban public gatherings of any kind, including weddings, burials, birthday and Chieftaincy celebrations, church and mosque services, schools and markets for non-essential goods while ensuring serious supervision at markets where essential goods are sold.

“We also implore fellow citizens to maintain the highest level of hygiene as recommended by experts. Washing of hands with soaps should be observed as many times as possible in a day. Use of sanitizers should be part of our new routine. Social distancing and voluntary quarantine should be seen as compulsory depending on the peculiar circumstances. We must not be shy to report suspected cases to the appropriate authorities. Above all, we must avoid the dissemination of false information and concealment of information relating to the Coronavirus pandemic.

“Coronavirus is no respecter of persons. It is wise to protect yourself and family from the attack. We cannot afford to continue to live in denial,” it added.

– Mar. 26, 2020 @ 17:45 GMT |

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