Anambra Justice Commissioner urges Onitsha North Ward 3 to close ranks for APGA electoral victory



ANALI Chude, Anambra State Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, has appealed to Executive Committee, Onitsha North Local Government, Ward 3 to close ranks in working for Obiano electoral victory.

“We as stakeholders of the ward will need to work closely as a group and go into the Nov. 18 election with unity of purpose,’’ Chude was addressing an extra-ordinary Executive Committee and stakeholders on November 7, 2017.

The extra-ordinary Exco meeting was summoned to settle minor misunderstanding that erupted within the ward.

Following plea for intervention, Chude accepted to host a meeting at his Onitsha, Residence, at Ojiba lane to sort out the rift.

Chude said: “nothing short of resounding victory is what can make the ward to stand out. I will always be available to entertain matters that can propel us forward.

“We must work hard to ensure the return of Gov. Obiano, who is today, a symbol of unity, peace, security and humane governance in Anambra State.’’

The forum was used as avenue for reconciliation/final strategy session to plan for total victory for re-election of Governor Wìllie Obiano.

While re-echoing similar sentiments, Mike Areh, the Ede, Onitsha, said: “We shall go all out to achieve total victory during the November 18 polls in one accord.

“We must not allow miscreants living within our midst to derail the process. We must be aware of those trying to get in-between us and cause confusion.

“Whatever differences among us, must take secondary position so that we can go into the election and come out successfully by returning Gov. Obiano to Government House, Awka.’’

Chinyelugo Charles Anumonye, the chairman of the Ward announced that already the elders like Areh and Ajaka Obi, Achike Obi and former chairman Ojinnaka Uzoechina had assisted ensuring a return of peace within the Ward.

Some important stakeholders at the meeting include, Mr Tony Nezianya, SA Media to Governor Obiano, Ernest Adinweruka, SSA to Obiano (aka Government) and Dr Ngozi Anyaegbuna, SSA to Governor on International agencies.

Nezianya adds: “Anambra is now home of creativity and Obiano has provided the conducive atmosphere for the youths to give expression to their creative talents”.

Adinweruka, then pledged to fund the football competition planed by youth of the ward.

Anyaegbuna said: “My doors are open to all APGA stakeholders to always suggest way forward. There will be no stopping, no sleeping, no rest until victory is achieved”.

The convivial atmosphere provided by the meeting, no doubt, helped to heal ill-feelings among members.

There was a lot to eat and drink as a lot was provided by Chude.


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