Anambra State Fire Service more effective, efficient – MD

Anambra Fire Service

AVM Ben Chiobi (rtd.), the Managing Director, Anambra State Fire Service, says the organisation has been repositioned for more effectiveness and efficiency.

Chiobi spoke to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on the sidelines of the inauguration of two ultra-modern firefighting trucks in Akwa on Friday.

“We are rejigging a lot of things under the able leadership of Gov. Willie Obiano. We are repositioning in order to see that the service is more efficient.

“To see how we can bring the best practices in what we are doing in the state fire service.

“In addition to that, the governor made funds available for us to refurbish about 10 fire trucks.

“Beyond that, we acquired two brand new firetrucks and currently, we are renovating some fire stations around the state, but the truth is that we can’t do all at once,” he said.

He said that the Anambra State Fire State Service enjoyed a good working relationship with the government, adding that plans were already ongoing to recruit men and women into the service.

“The other thing that has happened in the last nine months is also that the governor has given permission for us to recruit 120 men and women into the fire service.

“Actually, what is holding us from embarking on the training of the recruits is the present pandemic, otherwise we are ready and good to go.

“So, these are some of the things we are doing to ensure that the service is both effective and efficient,” he said.

He noted that the assets to achieve the desired result were readily aavailabe, adding however that resources were scarce.

“Of course these assets are there but you know in Economics we say that resources are scarce.

“However, the Federal Government through the Federal Fire Service saw the need to provide the Anambra State Fire Service with two sophisticated state-of-the-art firetruck.

“Before now, men and women from the federal fire service were deployed to the state, but of course, that most essential tool that they needed to work which is the fire trucks were not available.

“They used to take part in some of the things we were doing using state assets, but now they have their own assets and can respond when they are called upon.

“So, there are alot of great things happening now, alot of synergy between the Anambra State Fire Service and several agencies as well as corporate organisations in the state,” he said. (NAN)

– Jul. 11, 2020 @ 14:19 GMT |

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