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ARIARIA Market Energy Solutions Limited (AMES), has announced its readiness to connect to its grid, business clusters desiring its services within and around Ariaria International Market, Aba.

AMES was reacting to allegations that the company which had promised to keep to its contractual terms is now connecting to residential areas around the market

Dr Ubani Nkaginieme, Managing Director of AMES, a power distribution company, disclosed this on Tuesday in an interview with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

He, however, added that prospective customers have to sign up through the Ariaria International Market Traders Association (AIMATA) to get the company’s service.

“The Ariaria shoe cluster is not part of AIMATA and we are also not supplying any residential area as some alleged.

“We are just focused on the market now, but we have told the shoe cluster what they need to do.

“We are ready to work with them, but they too have to be ready to work with us, there are things they need to do to be able to connect us. You have to follow due process,” he said.

He said that his company is cautious with connections in and around the market in order not to breach their contractual agreement.

He pointed out that the Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) took his company to court, accusing it of a breach which never was true.

“We want to follow due process to avoid problems. You might have heard that the Enugu DisCo took our company to court.

“If we have not been doing things properly, we would be in trouble with them by now.

“But now they are begging to withdraw the case, but we said no, because we were on our own when they took us to court.

“We said let the judgement be delivered and they know if that judgment is delivered it will expose them badly.

“Now that the other DisCos are quarrelling with them, what they have been hiding will be made open.

“If we had rushed to do certain things, we would have been in trouble now that is why we appear to be slow, but we are going to accelerate things soonest,” he said.

Nkaginieme, who is also the President, Total Support Energy Group, a generating company, and owners of AMES told NAN that their Aba power plant had linked Shell pipeline gas supply which had increased its efficiency.

He said that bringing gas with trucks from Port Harcourt affected their operations, stressing that the Shell pipeline gas supply had made their operations more dependable.


– Jul. 7, 2020 @ 11:29 GMT |

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