August Meeting: Group urges women to build good homes to reduce societal ills

August meeting

THE Enugwu -Ukwu Women’s Anglican Communion meeting, Diocese of Awka, has urged women  to build good homes to reduce the rate of vices plaguing the society.

According to the women, this will contribute to sustainable development.

Mrs Maureen Igwenagu, President-General, Enugwu -Ukwu Women’s Anglican Communion meeting, Diocese of Awka, said the admonition became necessary in view of the moral decadence, divorce, rape, kidnap, and insecurity bedeviling the society.

Speaking during the closing ceremony of meeting on Saturday, Igwenagu noted that the annual gathering was to remind them that as mothers and home builders, they should emulate the virtues of biblical women to enthrone health homes.

“This meeting is a veritable stool for women of our community to review our activities in the preceeding year, set agenda for the New Year with a view to achieving sustainable development.

“Our discussions are centered on politics, economics and social affairs of the people and more importantly our spiritual growth as a family.

“We refresh our mother’s minds on good morals and etiquette, home building and management, hope to reduce the negative vices in our homes and the society at large.

According to her, the meeting achieved huge success in areas of women welfare such as stoppage of hair shaving while mourning their deceased husband, women inheriting  their late husband’s wealth whether she bore children or not.

“We have achieved stoppage of any form of harmful widowhood practices and other violence against women and the girl child,” she said.

In her contribution, Mrs Chinweoke Mbachu, President, St Peter’s Church, noted that a well packaged home turns out responsible children who become promoters of peaceful coexistence for achievement of good for all.

“As women who build their trust in God and draw inspiration from his words, we should not be afraid to face life challenges of home building and nation development.”

She said the theme of the 2022 meeting: “Be Strong in the Lord and in the Power of His Might”, taken from Ephesians 6 verse 10,  should not be taken for granted as God’s words are factual,” she said.

A Chief Nursing Officer and one of the resource persons, Mrs Lois Okeke-Mbachi, urged women to avoid sedentary life style.

She said that sedentary lifestyles increases mortality rate, double the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, increase in colon cancer, high blood pressure, depression and anxiety.

Okeke advised women to provide balanced food for their family in place of sugary, fatty foods, alcoholism and other activities done that poses danger to life.

“Some of our over indulgence, or inaction predisposes women to other live threatening ailments like ovarian cyst, breast, uterus, cervix and prostate cancers amongst others.

“Healthy feeding, regular exercise, personal hygiene and clean environment are activities needed to facilitate a healthy home. I appeal to women to embrace these steps,’’ she said.

Another resource person, Mrs Adeline Mbachu, cautioned women to reduce friction in their home, to avoid domestic violence.

“Domestic violence can be either verbal, physical or spiritual to hurt someone. Violence include wife battery, fighting amongst family members, forceful sexual act, and meal starvation amongst others.

“Women must set rules and regulations in the home with penalty attached to it for any defaulter to be sanctioned and ensure sanity in the home,” she said.

She advised women not to use confrontation in solving any disagreement rather they should be diplomatic to ensure that every tense heart calmed down.

“As women, we should strive to control our anger in the face of provocation, stop nagging, fault finding, infidelity, altercation amongst family members could be avoided.

“Women should be humble and not confrontational either to their husbands or children, mother in-laws and other relatives, should always apply wisdom as virtues women. Endurance and perseverance should be the watch word of a Christian woman in all life challenges,” she said.

NAN reports that the community concluded their annual women meeting on Sunday, Aug.14 with thanksgiving Church services at over six parishes that make-up Enugwu-Ukwu Anglican community. (NAN)