Authors of Chukwu’s rumoured death should apologise to Nigerians — Ex-Rangers players

Christian Chukwu

THE Ex-Rangers International Football Club of Enugu Players Association has frowned at the rumour alleging the death of the former Coach of the Super Eagles, Christian Chukwu.
The Chairman of the association in Anambra, Arthur Ebunam, who reacted to the rumour in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Awka, described it as “condemnable and embarrassing”.
Ebunam said, “The authors of such malicious story should pull it down and apologise to millions of Nigerians and lovers of football who had been touched positively in various ways by the veteran player and coach.”
According to him, the story in the social media is not only embarrassing but a death wish for a man who served the game of football and his country meritoriously.
He said he had spoken with Chukwu more than three times within 24 hours and that the former Captain of the defunct Green Eagles was in high spirit.
“I have been inundated with calls from across Nigeria and beyond, asking me about what happened to ‘Chairman’.
“Because of that, I have called and spoken to him several times, I have even made him to speak with some of these people.
“Chukwu is alive and well. We celebrated Christmas together and few days ago, he celebrated his 70th birthday, so where did this malicious story emanate from?
“We are still in celebration mood. There is no need for false alarm. I know they love and care about Chukwu but let nobody try to play God in the life of anybody,” Ebunam said.
When NAN spoke with Chukwu in his Enugu residence, he said: “Tell them that I am live.
“Tell them not to panic and that I love them all. Happy New Year to all Nigerians.”
Chukwu, a veteran defender, played for Rangers and later became the club’s Head Coach before his appointment as Chief Coach of the Super Eagles in 2002.


– Jan. 11, 2021 @ 10:19 GMT |

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