Wema Bank launches road safety awareness

Wema Bank
Wema Bank

WEMA Bank has created a 3D zebra crossing in partnership with O2 Academy, Lagos to raise awareness on safe driving and inspire behavioural change among Nigerians. Located opposite the bank’s headquarters along Marina Road in Lagos, the 3D crossing was an effort to improve road safety in the area.

The bank in a statement said the project, which serves as part of the bank’s corporate social responsibility, would also encourage drivers to slow down for pedestrians to cross. The striped zebra crossing, which appears to be floating above the road, works by giving an optical illusion to oncoming drivers, causing them to slow down when approaching it.

Beyond the innovative angle of the project, the optical painting helps drivers to see the crossing easier and anticipate the presence of pedestrians waiting to cross the road.

The bank implemented the optical crossing following concerns over the safety of workers making their way to offices along the busy Marina road.

“Through the innovative crossing, the bank hopes to implement a campaign that will lead to the reduction of hit and run and other road-related accidents.

“For Wema Bank, this new feat will define the future of road safety for both drivers and pedestrians in the country. Before partnering with Wema Bank, O2 Academy, an advertising and creative school in Lagos, had trailed the first 3D zebra crossing in May 2019 as an affordable solution to solving road accidents involving school children.

“The positive feedback gotten from the trial inspired Wema Bank to adopt the eye-grabbing and modern 3D effect,” the statement said.

– Aug. 23, 2019 @ 18:05 GMT |

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