Be wary of groups calling for division — Congress

Be wary of groups calling for division — Congress

THE Igbo for President Solidarity Congress (IPSC) has advised Nigerians to be wary of some segments of the society seeking for the division of the country.

“Those people asking Nigeria to be divided are people who move around with their international passports or privileged to know short exit from the country in the event of trouble outbreak’’, Dr Olukayode Oshiariyo, the president of the congress, said in a statement on Friday.

He said that the congress had a comprehensive report of the Nigerian civil war and it would never subscribe to or desire another civil war.

“Those who are partakers in drumming and singing discordant tones to divide and liquidate the entity, are either naïve of Nigeria’s historical trajectory or being self-repugnant because they claim to love their people more than country.

“We cannot afford to shed more human blood than what the herdsmen, kidnappers and terrorists had already done to provoke God and man.

“Nigeria was put together by God and no amount of mischief, manipulation, machination will hold against its survival as one united and indivisible most populous black nation.

“But, if at a round-table we resolved to break, then we must move to sustain the will of God for Nigeria as a nation.

“In this regard, there will be a referendum to enable each state eligible voters to determine republic they want to belong, and each republic will adopt a new constitution,’’ he explained.

According to him, IPSC is a national initiative designed to rally mass support for a man or woman of southeast extraction to become Nigerian president in 2023.

Oshiariyo noted that in upholding the core mandate of the congress, it held a meeting in Kaduna on April 19 and resolved to canvass for producing the president of the country from the south-eastern part of the country.

“We observe that any political maneuvering or permutations that favor any zone other than South East Zone will affect Nigeria’s unity, peace and indivisibility.

“We also suggest that the 1963 Republican Constitution and 2014 National Conference Report be visited, perused, and merged to produce a new constitution,’’ he said.(NAN)

– April 30, 2021 @ 11:53 GM

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