Dangers of Feminism to Man and Marriage Exposed


The agony men endure in marriages has been traced to the philosophy behind feminism, the propelling force that has altered the mindset of woman who sees herself as equal partner in marriage, resulting in agitation for equal rights, opportunity and authority with men.

These revelations which are contained in a new book published in the United Stated of America are mind-boggling, as it reveals the woman and feminism, and why many men are groaning silently in pains under them, subordinating their authority as head of the family to the woman with the ultimate aim of achieving peace without result, prompting many men to cooperate with their wives, and in the process, unwittingly subvert natural role responsibilities.

The book is entitled, Feminism: The Agony of Men, and written by Michael Owhoko, a renowned author and journalist.  It was published by West Bow Press, a Division of Thomas Nelson and Zondervan, and has been formally released to the public.  It is available in major bookstores worldwide, including Amazon, Banes and Nobles, West Bow Press.

“Until the philosophy behind feminism is curbed, men will continue to experience pains under cold relationships that will eventually lead to the collapse of their marriages. Feminism: The Agony of Men is an exposition of the silent pains men go through in marriages induced by feminism and the need for restraint, allowing natural order to prevail,” Owhoko disclosed in the new book.

The author asserts that the advocacy of the World Conference on Women, which encourages women to defend and fight for their rights in relation to equality with men are unwittingly setting the tone for tension and, by extension, conflict between the woman and her spouse, saying the growing band of single parenthood resulting from broken marriages is abysmal and should be of concern to the World Conference on Women.

Owhoko further revealed in the book that the feminist propaganda is part of a worldwide phenomenon playing out in homes, corporate organisations, societies, and marriages, apparently designed to dispute and diminish the super ordinate position of the man, provoking an illusion of equal authority with him. “Unfortunately, this is the fire behind the unexplainable suspicion, rivalry, competition, ego, and animosity between the man and the woman, resulting in unstable marriages and relationships,” the author said.

The book is a must read not only for couples, but important for young male children on what awaits them in their marital lives and how to adapt to the realities in order to make the union compatible and pleasurable.

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