Militants Blow-Up Quality Control Centre, Threaten More Deadly Strikes

Niger Delta Militants
Niger Delta Militants


PALPABLE fear still stalks the creeks and waterways of the Niger Delta as militants activated their ‘OPERATION HAMMURABI CODE’ during which the Quality Control Centre, QCC, delivery line of the oil facility in the Delta axis was brought down about 9 pm Thursday.

The group, Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate, said it was a prelude to more articulated destruction lined up for oil facilities in the coming weeks. In a statement signed by its spokesman, Gen Aldo Agbalaja, the group warned oil majors operating in the area to prepare for the worst. It accused the government and oil companies of insincerity in both words and action.

The statement in full:


At about 2100hours of Thursday, October 13, 2016, the AKUMA STRIKE TEAM of the Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate brought down the IWHREMARO to the QUALITY CONTROL CENTRE (QCC) DELIVERY LINE to signal the commencement of the OPERATION HAMMURABI CODE. More to come in the coming days.

We have been patient and reasonable all along hence our choice to restrict our activities to mild operations that were not aimed at causing critical damages, but it has now become crystal clear that we are dealing with devious and incorrigible people. Therefore, we serve this as a notice to the Nigerian government and its conniving multinationals that the Operation Hammurabi Code has been initiated, henceforth; it shall be an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Now you shall know what uprooting of your cherished assets means. It starts from now on, there is no longer going to be warnings or special consideration for anybody.

We have observed that the leopard of the oil company is incapable of changing its skin; ever deceiving, ever conniving. Your ‘divide-and-rule’ gimmick will fail here as we will not stay idle in the face of your lies. For every lie you introduce, you will lose a major asset and if need be, you will lose personnel. We have said it once and we shall repeat it here now; the Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate will not call this campaign off in secret, when we see reason to do so and we decide to do so, we shall reach the world publicly through this same channel, from where we took off.

Attempts to deceive and frame in the name of this mandate will not work. When we see a sincere and positive engagement, which we consider to be reasonable enough, we shall announce it to the world and follow it up with an announcement of our next line of action, but for now, there has been no engagement whatsoever and the gimmicks now being employed to deceive shall be thoroughly punished.

We are aware that majority of the assets in the upland in Delta state are down and we are also aware that you are planning on opening production and get these facilities running after you must have finished with bringing the TFP back on stream. First Hydrocarbon, Shoreline, N.D Western, N.P.D.C and others, we dare you to open those facilities and see what will happen. We had been slow to action. – Political Economist

—  Oct 24, 2016 @ 01:00 GMT


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