Lagos Trade Fair: Mixed reactions trail ban on music


Exhibitors at the ongoing Lagos International Trade Fair (LITF) on Thursday, expressed divergent views on the ban of music at the fairground.

The exhibitors aired their views in separate interviews with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

The Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), organiser of (LITF) had banned the use music and Disc Jockeys on the fairground and duly notified the exhibitors before the commencement of the fair.

While some attributed the cause of low patronage to the ban of music on the fairground, others said music would likely attract more visitors and also enliven the atmosphere.

Shun Sugimura, a sales representative with Denka Company, an insulating tape producing firm, said the ban on music on the fairground made a positive impact on his business.

Sugimura said that the serene environment was convenient for customers to understand every explanation he had to make unlike in the previous fairs when he had to scream to be heard.

“I have not come to really sell but to create awareness of my products so that we can have distributors in different countries.

“So the ban on the use of music has saved me from screaming for customers to understand me,’’ he said.

On the other hand, Mrs Mary Julius of Abraham Collections, a fashion designing outfit, said the ban had rendered the fairground boring and uninteresting for exhibitors and visitors.

Julius urged the LCCI to reconsider such decision in subsequent fairs, believing that the fair would have generated more visitors if music was allowed to enliven the atmosphere.

“I have been coming for Lagos international trade fair for the past 5 years, and this is the most boring so far; we get to be entertained while selling but this is no more.

“I want the LCCI to have a rethink about this ahead of subsequent fairs,’’ she said.

Mr Chukwudi Nwafor, the Marketing Manager of Polystar, commended the chamber for the ban on music, adding that the development had not affected the fair negatively.

“This is a good one from LCCI and I pray they continue like this, we have sold well so I don’t think it has had any negative effect on business,’’ he said.

Mrs Jennifer Ende, the Managing Director, Endis Global Ventures, lamented that the low patronage she was experiencing was due to the ban on music on the fairground.

Ende urged LCCI to review the ban, considering the kind of business she and some of her colleagues were into, which usually thrived with music.

“My colleagues and I need music for proper advertisement and marketing of our products.

“When music is in place, it will help advertise our product better and visitors at other stands will be aware of the availability of most stock,’’ she said.

Mr Mustapha Sanni, a jewelry dealer from Kano State said that even though the atmosphere was not lively, the ban had greatly improved effective communication between exhibitors and would be clients.

Also, Mr David Bassey, a virtual reality movie centre operator, said that the development was a welcoming one, being the first time the ban was introduced in Lagos international trade fair.

He said the use of music would have “disrupted’’ business activities.

“I can’t imagine how this year’s fair would have been with music everywhere. Considering my kind of business, it would have been a bad one for me; I appreciate LCCI for this,’’ he said.

The 32 edition of the international trade fair which commenced on Nov. 2 will end on Nov. 11.  (NAN)


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