FG, NBC will never succeed in closing down Radio Biafra – IPOB


The Indigenous People of Biafra spokesman is confident that plans by the Nigerian government and Broadcasting Corporation of Nigeria to close down the Radio Biafra will continue to fail

By Emeka Ejere

Emma Powerful, media and publicity secretary of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has stated that repeated efforts by the federal government and the Broadcasting Corporation of Nigeria, NBC, to stop Radio Biafra from broadcasting from London have hit the rock because God is in control of the group and its activities.

Powerful, who enumerated some of the failed steps by the FG and NBC towards actualising the objective, explained that the IPOB was not aware that Nigerian government moved its Hausa Service to the frequency once occupied by Radio Biafra.

He said: “They went as far as putting pressure on the British government to close our studios in London; that too failed.

“They purchased Satlink, an Israeli company that provided us satellite services.

“They did this through a company in the United States. As soon as the company assumed control of Satlink, they terminated our contract.

“We moved to another supplier and have been with this supplier for 5 years now. “

He clarified that Hausa/Fulani radio service is meant for Hausa/Fulani not Biafra, saying “we have our own Radio Nigeria Hausa Service, run by Radio Biafra.”

Powerful maintained that the Biafra Radio and Television stations have come to stay and will continue to disseminate undiluted and accurate information to the people of Biafra and Nigeria, adding that anybody thinking of closing the stations is hallucinating.

“Biafra radio and television services has come to stay which this Nigerian government headed by the Fulani caliphate cabal cannot stop… Our media platforms must continue to disseminate undiluted and accurate information to the people of Biafra and Nigeria until the end of time.”

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