IPOB Leader to challenge his arrest order in UK Court


Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, says he will challenge the order of Justice Binta Nyako for his arrest in court in United Kingdom


NNAMDI Kanu, leader of the Indigenous of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, is eager to take on the federal government of Nigeria should they carry out the order of Justice Binta Nyako to arrest him.

Nyako last week revoked Kanu’s bail and ordered his arrest because he failed to appear in court consecutively contrary to the bail terms that was given to him.

Reacting, Kanu in a special broadcast at the weekend denounced the Nigerian judiciary.

According to him,  “should they request Interpol intervention in this matter, I will give my lawyers here in the UK the instruction we need to launch a no holds barred legal assault on the  Nigeria.”

“So I am waiting for them. Europe and Interpol is not a bunch of wild beasts like Nigerian law courts and her security services. In Europe there is rule of law which is also binding on Interpol too. My lawyers are waiting for an Interpol red notice against my name and all hell will break loose. If the intention of Binta Nyako is to curtail my travels, thereby limiting IPOB diplomatic offensive, then let me assure Biafrans that our enemies have failed too.”

Kanu said: “I will continue to travel to and from civilised countries where rule of law obtains.  I am Biafran that hold British citizenship. Nigerian law courts and their poorly educated judges is of no consequence to me. Binta Nyako should stop acting as the prosecutor in this case which is a position she assumed right from the onset. She has no jurisdiction to hear the case which is why she never allows my lawyer to speak in court. Why must she shout down my lawyers in court while giving all the time in the world to make their weak argument.

“If she is confident there is a prosecutable offence before her, she should hear the motion before her challenging the jurisdiction of her court.  She chooses which application to entertain and which one to reject. No judge worth her salt will ride rough shod over the sensitive issue of jurisdiction in her own court. Best practice dictates that you dispose of any jurisdictional issues before proceeding to substantive hearing. Up till today no credible witness nor evidence has been presented before Binta Nyako. This takes me back to the one of her rulings when she was reminded in her own court there isn’t any evidence to support the bogus charge of treasonable felony.”

Kanu said that Nyako ruled that although there is no evidence before her to substantiate the charge of treasonable felony, she was, however, allowing the trial to proceed because the attorney general of Nigeria said they have a key witness and a video. “The prosecution have so far called two witnesses both of whom are DSS officers that were present when the torture of Chidiebere Onwudiwe was going on. The earth shattering evidence which the prosecution claim to possess is still nowhere to be found,” Kanu said.

He asked: “In which court of law is the only prosecution evidence the testimony of a security operative who happen to be where a suspect was interviewed. Where is the smoking gun evidence or the so-called video Binta Nyako ruled the whiole case is predicated upon?

The entire case against me and my men, he said, were built on web of lies which Lagos-Ibadan expressway media bought hook, line and sinker. It is purely based on a mythical witness and video which they have so far failed to produce, he said.

“I wish to place it on record that Binta Nyako has no shred of evidence before her to justify this travesty of justice. Where is the evidence of treasonable felony I ask. For most of those tabloid newspapers that took it upon themselves to defend the injustice in the court of Binta Nyako, I have a question for you; where on earth have you witnessed a trial of treasonable felony without any shred of evidence?

“This is the reason why I call Nigeria a Zoo. Those they call Nigerians cannot reason like human beings. How can you accuse somebody of murder without telling us who the victim is, no dead body, no murder weapon? This is exactly what Binta Nyako is doing because having accused me of treasonable felony, they have failed till this day, to provide one shred of evidence to back  up their claim not minding that self-determination is not even a crime in Nigeria,” he said.

According to him, “It is highly unfortunate that Binta Nyako through her actions and conduct may have given her approval for the invasion of my house with the sole intention to kill me since she lacked the evidence to convict me in a court of law. If not, she would have asked questions about how the military invaded my house and killed 28 people including Jack my dog.

“What Binta Nyako is saying is that the death of 28 human beings is of no consequence to her because they were killed by her fellow Fulani people in uniform. The reason Binta Nyako is insisting on my appearance before her court is to set me up for assassination by the Nigerian military yet again since their plan to kill me on 14 September 2017 failed.

“Binta Nyako cannot deny the fact she was placed on judicial notice about the military invasion of my house and the death of 28 innocent men. She took cognizance of this very fact when an application was tabled before her asking her to hold the Nigerian army liable for unlawful act occasioning force-majeure. This is exactly the point my sureties have argued successfully. Any sensible or reasonable judge would have recognised that I am a ward of court and therefore entitled to some measure of protection. Even this simple logic is lost on her and her cattle loving Fulani cabal. If not for the vigilance of the defence team handling the case for my sureties, Binta Nyako would have done the bidding of the cabal and sent Abaribe to prison.

“Her sole intention was to collect 300 Million Naira  from my sureties to keep swelling the coffers of the Fulani judiciary. How many Fulani people convicted of far more heinous crimes ever posted cash bond? This is the question I want Binta Nyako to answer. How many Fulani herdsmen have you asked to deposit cash bond as part of their bail condition? How many Boko Haram suspects have you ever demanded cash bond from? This is conformation that we Biafrans are not wanted in that contraption called Nigeria. One law for the Fulani and another law for the rest of the people,” Kanu said in an extract of his broadcast at the weekend which was made available to Realnews by Emma Powerful, spokesperson of IPOB.

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