Telecoms industry is very dynamic – Danbatta


THE Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC, has said that the telecom industry is dynamic and evolving. Prof Umar Danbatta, executive vice chairman, NCC, said the generational change of telecommunications has continued to redefine the dynamism of the industry, from the use of voice dominated technologies (1G and 2G) to data dominated technologies (3G, 4G and 5G).

Speaking at the 2019 Telecom Executives and Regulator Forum in Lagos on Thursday, July 11, Danbatta said these transformative and innovative changes are key to enhancing the development of the industry. He noted that the change has socio-economic multiplier effect in all the other sectors of the economy; be it commerce, education, transportation, health and finance.

According to him, the sector has witnessed tremendous growth, which has triggered competition amongst the key players in service delivery to end-users, and brought in new entrants into the ecosystem. “Key trends that are shaping the telecoms industry include High demand, disruptive competition, data dominance, and connecting things.

“As a result, conceptualising innovative ideas within the telecommunications ecosystem is a central requirement for the industry sustainability, investment drive, etc. Therefore, this presentation will attempt to give a background on the under-listed topics for discussions by the panelists.

“Formulation of Policy and Regulation for OTTs: Challenges and Prospects, Funding Telecoms Investment in Nigeria: How would the deficit in the Nigerian Telecom infrastructure be financed? Eradication of the influx of cloned and fake phones and other telecoms devices in Nigeria: The role of NCC, Nigerian Customs Service, Standard Organization of Nigeria, SON, and other relevant Government Agencies, and Regulation and Policies on Cloud Computing and Cyber security threats in Nigeria.

“OTTs are content delivered over the Internet. The prospects of OTTs in our domain are not limited to; OTTs increasingly supporting future service model that are rapidly expanding across multiple communications and digital service domain. Growth of smart phones that are affordable, which pushes the demand for broadband and increased mobility that brought convenience,” he said.

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