Toshiba’s new Semiconductor Company will strengthen solution proposals and bring greater efficiency to R&D


TOSHIBA Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation, TDSC, on Thursday, March 28 announced the consolidation of two of its subsidiaries, Toshiba Microelectronics Corporation, TOSMEC, and Toshiba Discrete Semiconductor Technology Corporation, TDIT, into a new company, Toshiba Electronic Device Solutions Corporation, TEDS. The move is expected to strengthen capabilities in proposing solutions and bringing greater efficiency to R&D for the semiconductor business. TEDS will start operation on April 1.

TDIT’s business covers product development and technical sales for discrete semiconductors, while TOSMEC provides comprehensive services for system LSI, ranging from product planning, development and design to testing and failure analysis. Following the merger, TEDS will be responsible for product planning, product development, failure analysis and solution proposals for the semiconductor business, and will cooperate with TDSC as the engineering arm of its semiconductor business.

TEDS’ integration of TDIT and TOSMEC’s technologies, know-how and customer networks will support its provision of high-value-added products to a wide range of customers. The merger will also bring greater efficiency to product development and sales promotion, and to the provision of shared services.

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