Carter Efe blasts Berri Tiga over ownership of ‘Machala’

Carter Efe and Berri Tiga

POPULAR comedian, Carter Efe has accused his estranged music partner, Berri Tiga of seeking public sympathy as the row over the originator and owner of the hit song, Machala worsens.

He said he had to remove Hotkid from the song but their rift has gone worse to the extent that the former unfollowed the latter on Instagram.

Machala is widely believed to be dedicated to Nigerian Grammy award winner, Wizkid.

Efe further said Tiga wanted peace with him in private as he shared a screenshot of their chats, but accused him of fomenting trouble in the public space.

“Hotkid get verse for Machala song, I personally tell producer X to remove it because Berri cry give me say Hotkid go collect him shine for the song. Now you dey claim sa na you get song for Instagram,” Carter Efe said in a post on Thursday.

Meanwhile, social media users have commended Wizkid for not endorsing the song as it continues to generate controversies between the two entertainers.