Catalonia terror attacks, trail to begin in Cambrils

Catalonia terror attack

Three men accused of aiding and abetting the 2017 terror attacks in Spain’s autonomous region of Catalonia are set to go on trial.

A total of 19 sessions have been scheduled through mid-December in a Cambrils court to try Spanish-national Mohamed Houli Chemlal, Moroccan nationals Driss Oukabir and Said Ben Iazza.

Chemlal and Oukabir are accused of belonging to the terrorist cell that planned and partially carried out a series of attacks across the region.

However, Iazza is on trial for providing aid to the group without belonging to the cell. None of them directly took part in the attacks.

On Aug.17, 2017, 22-year-old Abouyaacoub drove into crowds on La Rambla and fled the scene.

Later that day, five accomplices attempted a similar attack in the nearby town of Cambrils, which was followed by the stabbing of passersby.

Both attacks came after an explosion killed two people believed to be the masterminds of the terrorist’s activities.

Investigators have established that they were producing an improvised explosive device that detonated by mistake, which in turn, motivated the attacks.

The attacks left 16 dead, including the eight terrorists, and around 150 people injured. The Islamic State terror group (outlawed in Russia) claimed responsibility for the attack.

Chemlal was injured in the blast that killed his accomplices, linking him directly to the group.

Oukabir provided his name for the rental services to procure the truck used in the ramming attack in central Barcelona.

Iazza loaned his ID and vehicle for the perpetrators to accrue and transport explosive substances.

Prosecutors and regional authorities seek prison terms of up to 41 years for Chemlal and Oukabir and eight years for Iazza.

However, Barcelona’s mayoral office has pressed for prison terms of up to 95 years. (Sputnik/NAN)

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