Catholic priest urges Christians not to disconnect their families from God


MICHAEL Onwukike, parish priest, St. Mathew’s Catholic Church, Amawbia, has appealed to parents not to disconnect their families from God in this trying times.

Onwukike gave the admonition after reading out a recent directive from the Catholic Bishop of Awka Diocese, Most Reverend Paulinus Ezeokafor, suspending church activities of all kinds until further notice.

He called on all to obey constituted authority, noting that the directives were in the interest and safety of all.

The cleric emphasised: “God knows the situation at hand. He allowed certain things to happen to draw all back to Himself. Be re-connected with God. He is still in charge; ever ready to accept us back once we retreat from sin and seek His face.

“If you are not in communion with God, you are like one driving with flat spare tyres at a crossroad.’’

He commended mothers for their contributions toward their families, the church and society at large.

“Mothers form the engine block of civility in our societies. God gives women special gift to bring peace in homes. Accept every condition you find yourself in your home like the Blessed Virgin Mary who you are imitating did,’’ he advised.

According to him, this trying period offers parents opportunities to sit with their children and drawing them closer to Christ.

“Family is a domestic church, bring your children together in communion with God.’’

He noted that some parents prefer leaving their children with their teachers and blaming governments for shutting down schools.

Onwukike also urged parents to be alive to their responsibilities to train their wards in the light of the scriptures so as to reap the fruits of their labour.

– Mar. 30, 2020 @ 15:15 GMT |

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