Checking the menace of suicide in our society


By Christian Chukwu and Immaculata Ejenike

THE increase in suicide cases in our world today, mostly among the youth, call to mind the causes of this demon called suicide, which claims about 800,000 lives every year globally. Nigeria ranks

15th in the world in suicide cases, while Lesotho tops the chart. Seventy-nine people are known to have

committed suicide between April 8, 2017 and May 12, 2020, according to reports by the Daily Trust.

Some schools of thought believe that hardship is responsible for some of the suicide cases, while others think

it could be the search for comfort; that is amazingly elusive. One may wonder why someone will take his/

her life in the midst of plenty.

For instance, a popular America singer took her life when she was found dead in her bathroom.

What do you say to the American billionaire, who lodged in a hotel in Texas, picked up his rifle and

killed so many people before taking his own life. Hardship has been a contributory factor to the causes of

suicide, but most suicide cases over the years have nothing to do with it. But there have been

attributed to what could be described as being unable to get their “want” not even their “needs”.

Life is a process and everything that happens in it follow this principle of ‘process’.  It’s therefore

rather pathetic today that people are gradually losing the understanding of life through impatience.

Patience is an expensive commodity in our world today because of “get rich quick” syndrome that is

ravaging our world like the Australian bushfire. Just like the bushfire is becoming increasingly uncontrollable

the same way the issue of suicide needs urgent attention from the government and the entire society.

Parents, schools, churches and work places should join hands and seek an enduring solution

against this “demon”.

Among the youths, the old phrase: “wait for your time” has become “old school” and everyone seems to actualize their desires at their own time and no longer wants to wait for the right time for it.

It is interesting to note that we are not built for the same purpose. You don’t carry load meant for truck with a luxury car. That is the case

of most of us today and when things go wrong, we blame ourselves for what is both our fault and the ones that

are not our fault thereby allowing depression, which is the principal cause of suicide to set in.

Depression is therefore simply defined as a state of mind in human life when he/she has lost hope in him/

herself and what the future holds. Some of the symptoms are loss of interest in almost everything, lack of joy

to mention but a few.

Joy? Joy is an innermost feeling of happiness most time unconditionally and nothing gives sincere joy than

the fact that you are living for your destiny and end-up living in your destiny but you can’t live for the

destiny you have not discovered.

You have to discover your purpose; this will make you understand life and living is what it truly is;


 Let’s begin to think about others, the love they have for us and be more open when we are going through

any ugly situation. Let’s voice our concerns and problems out. Let’s also have the happiness of others in our

heart and be willing to help with anything to put a smile on someone’s face.

Don’t be selfish with your life, live for others and others will live for you. Help people to get what they

need and you will remain in their memory for life.

There is a need for more sensitization on depression and how to handle it when it occurs. The awareness

Should be created just like we now have the spread of AIDS and HIV. Although the HIV/AIDS

has been controlled, but the danger of this killer viral disease is the arrow to the heart and it causes

deep pains to the heart that nobody either religious, social or political group has taken a stand together

to create awareness of this dangerous and secret serial killer called “Depression. Depression kills faster than

AIDS. All hands should be on deck to detect and treat persons suffering from depression so as to check

the increasing cases of suicide in our society.

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