Chibok Girls: Are they Nowhere to Be Found?



WHEN more than 200 Chibok girls who were sitting for their West African Certificate Examination were kidnapped April 14, 2014, many Nigerians had hoped that the nation would wake up from the nightmare soonest. But that is not the case one year after.

Despite all the global outrage that trailed the incident, the sound bites and all the politically correct speeches laced with fervent promises by all and sundry that mountains will be moved to bring them back,  one thing that is crystal clear today is that the Chibok girls are still at large. They are nowhere to be found. Really? Why?

Is it inefficiency on the part of the security agencies that made the homecoming of the Chibok girls elusive? Is it lack of intelligence gathering? What on earth is derailing the quest to bring back the girls out of the wilderness of Sambisa to the warm embrace of their parents and family members generally? With all the powerful modern intelligence gathering gadgets of the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, European Union, Russia, Israel, China, none of the countries has a clue of where the girls are? Is it really not very shameful that these forces have at one time or the order pledged to help the country rescue the girls and yet nothing has been achieved? Is the federal government complicity in this quagmire over the Chibok girls’ predicament? Is the federal government an innocent bystander caught in the web of an intricate conspiracy to demonise it, make it the villain, instead of the victim of circumstance just like the innocent Chibok girls?

There are no easy answers. And the matter is still very much unfolding and sooner or later the active participants will hopefully open up and tell the nation the truth. Yes, the real truth and nothing but the truth of what is happening with regard to the Chibok girls question can only assuage the pains everyone, (including those pretending) has gone through in this past year. And so help us God.

Hence, Realnews is dedicating this week cover story to high expectations of a successful rescue of the girls in the nearest future. The story entitled: Will the Chibok Girls Ever Come Home? was written by Olu Ojewale, our general editor.

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