Clergy urges churches to promote unity, serve as agents of change

Rev. Abiola Aremu

REV. Abiola Aremu, the Pastor in Charge, First Baptist Church, Akwanga, Nasarawa State, has called on Nigerian churches to promote unity and serve as agents of positive change in the country.

Aremu who gave the advice at his book launch, in Akwanga, said that Nigerian churches and their leaders must use their influence to promote peace in the country.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the title of the book is “The Correct Church: Becoming an Agent of Shift”.

NAN also reports that the event featured the induction and 40th birthday celebration of the pastor.

According to him, the desire to correct the church, not in terms of building but in terms of the human resources which made up the church, prompted him to writing the book.

The clergy said that the human resources, who are christians must always eschew bitterness and promote peace, unity and love in all their endeavours.

He added that for social vices to be curbed, christians have a role to play by ensuring that they live exemplary lives.

“The focus of the book is for us to have a correct church because if we have a correct church, then all the issues of immorality in our society will be curbed.

“For instance, the juvenile delinquencies, drug abuse, abductions, kidnappings and so on happening now in the society.

“But once there is a correct church as regards to the leaders, volunteers and members, then things will work smoothly.

“Every individual, whether as under-shepherd, volunteers or members of the church, our lives must be correct.

“We must submit our lives to Jesus Christ, then we will be able to metamorphose our lives in the society, in our offices, schools, government parastatal and wherever we find ourselves,” he said.

On his part, Rev. Dr Sola Lawal, Senior Pastor, Oore-Ofe Oluwa Baptist Church, Ogbomoso, Oyo State, called on religious leaders to publicly stand for societal peace and harmony at all times.

“Our society needs us now, we ought to be involved in nation building, we all must contribute our quota.

“We also have the responsibility of mobilising the people under us to perform their civic responsibilities and ensure that there is peace in our community.

“By doing that, we can guarantee peace and progress in the entire nation,” he said.

Lawal in his advice to the celebrator, urged him to use his God given position to speak the truth at all times as it would go along way in instilling moral values among his members.

“My word of advice is for him to face the work, have focus, be kingdom minded and see himself as the representative of the Lord Jesus Christ,” he added.

Mr Gabriel Oyeleye, a deacon in the church, also advised the celebrator to build trust, unity and propagate the tenets of the Holy Book.

“I advise him to work for trust and do his best to uplift the work of God in this church.

“In all section of the church, all areas, I pray that God will help him to lift the church higher,” he said.(NAN)