Cleric urges Christians to be humble with talents, material possessions


REV. Maxwell Onyia, Priest-in-Charge of Anglican Church of Ascension, Enugu, has urged Christians to be humble as they utilise God-given talents and material possessions to better others.

Onyia gave the admonition in a homily he delivered at the Church on Sunday.

The cleric, whose homily was titled: “God’s Treasure’’, noted that all human possessions and natural talents were given by God.

“At no time will any human claim that due to his prowess or hard work he or she earned it or stand-out better than others.

“Everything good and edifying was given by God above; including our personal talents as well as the material wealth and other earthly possessions.

“All these God’s gift or treasures invested in us must be accounted for on the Day of Judgment.

“So, you must be careful on how you use these divine endowments to service others and humanity in general,’’ he said.

Onyia said that God had a purpose for creating everything on earth.

“No one is a mistake; however, everyone has some divine deposit within himself or herself.

“You should know that you are not ordinary. A divine purpose or treasure is already deposited in you that needs to be exploited for the benefit of others and humanity in general.

“So, you must strive to discover yourself through prayers, holiness and studying the scripture as well as constant supplication to God to reveal His divine treasure in you,’’ he added.


– April 11, 2021 @ 14:40 GMT |

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