CLO calls on Anambrarians to vote for candidates of their choice on Saturday 

CIVIL Liberties Organization, CLO, Anambra state has called on Anambrarians, residents and all those who have attained 18 years and above to demonstrate their love for participatory democracy by coming out enmasse to vote for candidates of their choice who have the wherewithal to provide the needed servant leaders that will bear the interest of the people at heart. 

The CLO made the call during its pre election world press conference by Vincent Ezekwueme and Chidi Mba, chairman and secretary, respectively. Themed: “Your vote power to enthrone good servant leaders”call on political gladiators to give peace a chance and allow Anambrarians to choose their legislators without fear, threat, fraud, force or intimidation. 

A statement by CLO to Realnews on March 14, stated: “It is noteworthy that absent of strong opposition and constructive criticisms is a threat to democracy and democratic culture. 

The states are in dire need of robust, vibrant, articulate and legislators who will be fanatic when it comes to the welfare of the people. 

“Anambrarians should votes for best candidates political parties affiliations notwithstanding. 

“As peoples watchdog, CLO will not condone or tolerate unnecessary bickerings as a result of political parties differences or any move for impeachment without misconduct as alleged in some quarters. 

“There is no doubt in our minds that all the candidates are Anambrarians, anyone elected that worked against the interest and social welfare of the state will kill his or her political career forever. 

“We equally appeal to INEC to correct avoidable lapses recorded during last Presidential and National Assembly elections, especially late arrival of officials and electoral materials, non or late uploading of results to INEC Server. 

“Finally, we most passionately appeal to Anambrarians and Nigerians to keep date  with history by coming out in their large numbers and excercise their democratic and inalienable right to vote and be voted for CLO posited.”