CNL is an Equal Opportunities Employer – Brikinn


Chevron Nigeria Limited, CNL operator of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation /CNL Joint Venture, has said that it is an equal opportunities employer and does not undertake employment decisions on the basis of race, gender, religion, color, age, ethnicity, disability etc. Employment into the company is dependent on organizational requirements and business needs.

CNL’s sponsorship of the Vocational Training Programme, VTP, was a corporate social responsibility initiative intended to help build the skills and capacity of the VTP trainees from the local communities in various areas of oil and gas operations.

Trainees spend a portion of their time in this programme attached to a CNL facility.  The technical skills that the VTP trainees are equipped with, are transferrable and therefore the trainees are capable of contributing to the oil and gas industry and various other sectors of the Nigerian economy. Several of the VTP trainees have been able to get employment within the oil and gas industry. The VTP was never and is still not intended to serve as a pathway to employment in CNL for the VTP trainees. CNL never made any commitment in this regard to the VTP trainees, a statement by Esimaje Brikinn, general manager, Government, Policy and Public Affairs

made available to Realnews on Thursday said.

“CNL will continue to encourage qualified persons to apply to the company for employment, whenever there are vacancies,” it said.

– Sept. 28, 2018 @ 16:32 GMT |

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