Open letter (zz) to Nigeria’s non-Fulani Nationalities: The NSLM manifesto



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Basic Message

Project 2019 (The NSLM sitrep#1):

ANY ethnic nationality in Nigeria's New South which does not get itself

admitted into the United Nations as a new nation by Christmas 2019 is a

goner. It would have committed auto-genocide, with gleeful assistance from

Buhari's Jihadist army and ethnic-cleansing Fulani militias.

Should it fail to accomplish the above, it will be physically exterminated

during Buhari’s second term, just like the Jews in Hitler’s Germany; the

Tasmanians, and the Native Americans.

That’s my simple message.


You want to know why and how?

In 2015, secularist and non-Muslim Nigerians, hungry for change, helped to put

Buhari, a self-declared Jihadist, 1 into office as the President of Nigeria. That was

like sheep flocking to seek refuge in a mosque on the eve of the Id al-Fitr. And

Buhari and his Jihadist Cabal have used his first term to lay the groundwork for a

massive sacrifice of the sheep.

In July 2018, Buhari showed his death-dealing hand when, through his media

spokesman, he warned non-Fulani Nigerians to:

“Give Up Your Ancestral Land For Ranches Or Die”

buhari/ (Accessed July 2018)


1 Buhari in 2001 publicly declared his “total commitment to the Sharia movement” in Nigeria:

“I will continue to show openly and inside me the total commitment to the Sharia movement that

is sweeping all over Nigeria” . . . “God willing, we will not stop the agitation for the total

implementation of the Sharia in the country”

—Buhari, in 2001, quoted in “Insurgency and Buhari’s call for full Sharia”

By Babatunde Oyewole


This commitment to the Sharia movement is what makes him a Jihadist. For a fuller demonstration

that Buhari is a Jihadist, go to and read my 2017 essay “Historical key (J)

to understanding Buhari and his Caliphate Jihadist Fulani Republic of Nigeria”




That was his way of discouraging resistance to the secret project exposed in

January 2018 by the Fulani Nationality Movement, FUNAM in its Media Release

where it said:


The Fulani Nationality Movement, (FUNAM) after extensive

deliberations on the state of the nation . . . we hereby make the

following declarations:

  1. d) That we have asked all Fulani across West Africa to raise

money and arms to prosecute the oncoming war. We call on all

Fulanis to prepare for this Holy War. There is no going back. All

over the world, Nigeria is the only country given to Fulani by


  1. f) That the Cattle Colony is the only solution to the crisis.

Whether the Federal Government or State Governments accept

or not, we have asked all Fulani herdmen all over West Africa to

move to Nigeria and penetrate every corner for the upcoming

Jihad. We have asked them to be armed since it seems it is the

only language Nigeria understands. . . .

–Fulani Nationality Movement (FUNAM) MEDIA RELEASE

Kano, Saturday January 13, 2018



Now that Buhari has rigged himself into a second term, those non-Fulani

Nigerians who want themselves and their ethnic nationality to survive Buhari’s

second term should pay close attention.


In 1960, the Fulani project in Nigeria was defined as conquest and domination.

Their political leader, Sir Ahmadu Bello told his people that Nigeria should be

Dan Fodio’s Estate:


“The new nation called Nigeria should be an estate of our

great-grandfather, Uthman Dan Fodio. We must ruthlessly

prevent a change of power. We use the minorities of the North

as willing tools and the South as a conquered territory and

never allow them to rule over us, and never allow them to have

control over their future.”

–Sir Ahmadu Bello, Leader of the Northern People’s Congress

(NPC), and Premier of Northern Nigeria, (Parrot Newspaper,

12 th Oct. 1960; republished on November 13, 2002, by the

Tribune Newspaper, Ibadan.)




Prior to that, in 1957, the same Sir Ahmadu had vowed to conquer and Islamize

the south:


“We the people of the north will continue our stated

intention to conquer the south and to dip the Koran in the

Atlantic Ocean after the British leave our shores.”

–Sir Ahmadu Bello, the Sardauna of Sokoto and Premier of the

Northern Region of Nigeria, 1957.

By Sir Ahmadu Bello

Thus, by 1960, the Fulani project in Nigeria had been defined as having two

components: Fulani Domination and Islamization-by-conquest (i.e. Jihad). And

since 1960, the Fulani in Nigeria have been implementing that project.

Then in 2018, something was publicly added to the Fulani Domination and Jihad

project. It is the Living Space campaign proclaimed by FUNAM and supported

by Buhari. That is to say, the Fulani project in Nigeria now has three

components: Fulani Domination, Jihad and Living Space, which I will call

FUDOJILS for short.

To see what’s coming to hit them, the non-Fulani nationalities need to look at

Nigeria through special lenses that can recognize, in addition to the Fulani

domination that many Nigerians have come to know as the “born-to-rule

mentality”, two usually unacknowledged things: (1) Jihad; and (2) the Fulani

Living Space (Lebensraum 2 ) project. Unless they do, they will be clueless about

the mortal danger they are now in, and clueless about what they now need to do

to avert the disaster that Buhari is all set to inflict on them in his second term.

For lack of these special lenses, the leaders of Nigeria’s ethnic nationalities

(whether assembled in Afenifere, Ohaneze, PANDEF, MBF or other

organizations 3 ) are clamoring for restructuring. But they will not get restructuring

while a Fulani or a Fulani-loyal non-Fulani is President. That’s because

restructuring is not in the Fulani interest. 4 And they will repudiate any

restructuring agreement that would adversely affect their domination, just like

they got Gowon to renege on the 1967 Aburi Agreement. The non-

implementation of the confederal structure agreed at Aburi started the slide

towards Biafra’s declaration of independence and the subsequent civil war to


2 Lebensraum: German word for living space, used by Hitler for the lands in Eastern Europe that he

set out to conquer with his invasion of the USSR in 1941. He intended to exterminate the

populations of these lands and export Germans to settle on them. But the Soviets defeated his

armies and drove them back to Berlin, whereupon Hitler committed suicide in his bunker.

3 Afenifere of the Yoruba; Ohaneze of the Igbo; PANDEF of the Niger Delta; MBF of the Middle


4 is the link to the following essays on restructuring: “Folk food for thought

or some riddles of Restructuring”, “Why Federalism or Confederalism is not enough”,

“Restructuring—its feasibility and futility” and “Why araba (breakup) should precede any

negotiations for restructuring”.




drag Biafra back into Nigeria; or they will pocket veto (i.e. refuse to implement)

it, just like Buhari pocket-vetoed the report of President Jonathan’s 2014 Confab

on how Nigeria can be restructured to achieve greater success as a nation.

But more important: in clamoring for restructuring, these leaders are like mice

agitating for conditions that will allow them to live in the same cage with a cat

that, by its nature, can’t stop eating mice. These leaders delude themselves in

hoping that some terms and conditions can be found that will oblige the cat to

stop eating mice and live at peace with them. Amazing!

Even after Buhari had, back in 2001, declared his “total commitment to the

Sharia movement” in Nigeria, i.e. that he is a Jihadist, those mumu Nigerians did

not understand and went on to help to make him President in 2015; and in 2019,

some of them did whatever they could to help Buhari rig himself into a second

term. Had they understood what a Jihadist is, their instinct for self-preservation

would have prevented them from helping Buhari become President in 2015; and

it would have restrained them from helping him to rig himself into a second term.

Since 2015, most Nigerians haven’t known what to do about Buhari because they

haven’t figured out and put the correct name to what he has been doing. When

they do, they will know the nature of the war he has been waging on them, and

can then step out of their clouds of confusion and respond appropriately.

I now invite the non-Fulani Nigerians to put on their lenses for seeing both Jihad

and the Fulani Living Space project. I invite them to admit into their framework

for understanding Nigeria the concepts and the evidence for these two

phenomena. That way they will begin to understand the hurricane of bloodshed

that Nigeria is heading into, and they can then see what they must do so as not to

be sucked into that vortex of destruction.

I can think of no simpler or clearer way to get them to see what Jihadists are

about than through two statements: The first was made by the founder of the

Sokoto Sultanate, a.k.a. the Caliphate, Uthman Dan Fodio in 1810 when he

proclaimed that his project was to convert the pagans and wash their land with



“Allah has bestowed on me and my people the historic duty

to spread the holy faith of the Prophet throughout the

Caliphate and convert these pagans. If they refuse to accept

Allah and his Prophet we will wash the earth, the forests, the

mountains, the rivers and the streams with their pagan

blood. Ours is a holy and righteous calling. We are doing the

work of Allah”.

— Sheik Uthman Dan Fodio, the father of the Fulani Caliphate

and the first Mahdi of Nigeria. (Early 19 th century) 5


5 Quoted in “Is Nigeria a free nation or a conquered vassal state?” (June 2017) By Femi Fani-









The second was the declaration made in 1957 by Sir Ahmadu Bello, Dan Fodio’s

direct descendant and Jihadist heir, to conquer and Islamize the south (see page 3



That Jihadist project is the religious part of what Buhari has been carrying out in

his first term, and is committed to completing in his second term—namely,

ignoring the secular character of the 1999 Constitution and putting northern

Muslims, and preferably his fellow Jihadists, into every possible office in the


And the second part of what Buhari has been doing is the Fulani Living Space

(Lebensraum) project that had been going on, unrecognized for years, before

FUNAM made it public; and that the Buhari government supported and abetted

by warning non-Fulani Nigerians, to “Give Up Your Ancestral Land For

Ranches Or Die” (see page 1).




If you doubt Buhari’s determination or ability to exterminate the non-Fulani in

Nigeria, you should recall the bloody ethnic cleansing his military was aiding and

abetting in the Middle Belt until General T. Y. Danjuma alerted the world about

it in 2018. 6 Buhari thereafter suspended it for the 2019 election, so as to get a

second term in which to resume and extend the ethnic cleansing down to Lagos,

Forcados, Port Harcourt and Calabar on the coast.

Do you, as a non-Fulani Nigerian honestly and sincerely want yourself, your

family, your loved ones and your ethnic group to become victims of Buhari’s

FUDOJILS project? If not, you need to invest enough time and effort to

understand what Nigeria has been put through in the last 20 years.

How to understand today’s Nigeria through 30 major events and related

occurrences since 1999

For the enlightenment of those Nigerians who do not understand Buhari’s agenda

or who say they see no agenda, only incompetence, we shall examine 30 major

events of the last 20 years and decipher the agenda that is being implemented.

1] 1999, the fraudulent 7 1999 Constitution was decreed into effect by Gen.


6 Danjuma Accuses Armed Forces of Complicity in Killings Across Nigeria


7 A law suit filed on May 23, 2007, in the Federal High Court, Abuja, is still, due to recurrent

adjournments, “seeking the termination of the operation of the 1999 Constitution on the ground that




Abdusalami Abubakar.

2] 1999: Obsasanjo, a.k.a. OBJ, was elected and took office as President

and he promptly retired wholesale the Caliphate military officers, thereby

depriving the Fulani of full command of their habitual military instrument for

dominating and ruling Nigeria.

3] 2000: Shari’a was adopted by 12 states in the Arewa (Far North) bastion

of the Caliphate, in violation of the 1999 Constitution.

4] 2001: Buhari declared that he wants Shari’a extended to the whole of

Nigeria. He thereby identified himself as a Jihadist

5] 2005: Mustapha Jokolo, the Emir of Gwandu and the second highest

person in the Caliphate hierarchy, second only to the Sultan of Sokoto, called for

Jihad to restore Caliphate domination and end the alleged marginalization of

Muslims by the OBJ government. 8

6] 2005: Boko Haram grew strong after it was adopted by unknown

powerful patrons including, allegedly, the then Governor of Borno State, Ali


7] 2009: Bala N’Allah, a Fulani member of the House of Representatives,

called for the extermination of Niger Delta militants. He told the House of

Representatives: “We can do away with 20 million militants for the rest 120

million Nigerians to live.” 9

8] 2009: Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the so-called underwear bomber, a

mechanical engineer and son of Alhaji Umaru Mutallab, a wealthy Nigerian

banker and businessman, attempted to blow up a Detroit-bound jetliner on

Christmas Day 2009. His father, who was described by The Times in 2009 as

being "one of the richest men in Africa," is a former Chairman of First Bank of

Nigeria and a former Nigerian Federal Commissioner for Economic


During his sentencing in 2012, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, declared: “The

Mujahedeen are proud to kill in the name of God and this is exactly what God

told us to do in the Koran. …”

Nigerians should therefore stop believing the lie that Boko Haram, like Al-Qaeda

and other Jihadist terrorists, is a byproduct of poverty and lack of education.

it is a forgery and a fraud in that it was made via Decree by one ‘Gen. Abudusalami Abubakar’ who

lied in the preamble that ‘We the people of Nigeria….’ made and enacted it.”

In fact, no Constituent Assembly met to produce it; and it was never submitted to the people

to adopt and enact it by referendum. It was concocted in secrecy and imposed on Nigerians by

military decree.

8 See “Emir’s Jihad Threat”, Insider Weekly, May 2, 2005, p.17.

9 (The Guardian, Thursday, May 28, 2009).




Islamists are not motivated by poverty or lack of education. For example, Osama

bin Laden was a very rich man; and his 9/11 hit squad was made up of well-

educated persons. And Umar Abdulmutallab, the "underwear bomber", is neither

poor nor uneducated.  We need to understand, as Abdulmutallab told the court,

that what breeds Islamist terrorists is their Jihadist religious beliefs.

9] 2010: A Caliphate bigwig, Lawal Kaita, threatened to make Nigeria

ungovernable if President Jonathan sought the presidency in 2011.

10] 2011 to 2019: In 2011, Boko Haram issued a quit notice to southerners in

the north, and began enforcing it by bombing churches; The Fulani Militia, in

battalion-size units armed with AK-47s and other sophisticated weapons,

attacked villages in Benue State, and even ambushed Benue Governor Gabriel

Suswam in 2014. From the ambush of the Governor, there were clear indications

that elements in the military were aiding and abetting these Fulani militias in

their attacks on villages in Benue State.

11] 2014: Ismaila Gwarzo, a Fulani who had been Abacha’s National Security

Adviser, declared that “Nigeria is Allah’s gift to the Fulani (…) to rule and to

do with as we please.” 10

12] 2015, May 29: Buhari, the self-admitted Jihadist, became President of

Nigeria. He felt strong enough to start ruling Nigeria as an Islamic country. And

his fellow Northern Muslim bigwigs have been conducting themselves as if

Nigeria is a de facto Islamic country instead of a secular democratic republic, as

provided for in its 1999 Constitution. This will be seen in the events listed below.

13] 2015, July: Buhari declared that he will probe only corrupt officials in

the Jonathan government.

14] 2015, September: Fulani herdsmen abducted Chief Olu Falae from his

farm and released him for a ransom. Chief Falae is a prominent Yoruba leader;

he was a 1999 presidential election candidate, and a former Secretary to the

Government of the Federation.

15] 2015, December: Global Terrorism Index named Nigerian Fulani

militants as the fourth deadliest terror group in world, after al-Shabab, Isis and

Boko Haram.

16] 2015 to 2019: Buhari, in his appointments, has been brazenly flouting the

Federal Character provision of the Constitution, and has overwhelmingly

appointed Northern Muslims.

17] 2017, August: The Emir of Katsina abducted an underage Christian girl,

forcibly converted her to Islam and married her. 11



11 Emir Of Katsina Abducts, Marries A Christian Minor Forcefully

Emir Of Katsina Abducts, Marries A Christian Minor Forcefully




18] 2017, September: Buhari’s Defense Minister, Abdulrahman Dambazzau,

boasted about the Fulani record of political murder with impunity:


19] 2017, September: Buhari’s military, in its Operation Python Dance,

killed non-violent Biafra self-determination demonstrators near Aba, Abia State,

SE Nigeria; but, at the UN General Assembly in that same month, Buhari

declared his support for Muslim self-determination campaigners in Western

Sahara. 12

20] 2017, September and October: Buhari withdrew Nigeria from 90 non-

Islamic international organizations but kept it in Islamic organizations like the

Organization of the Islamic Conference and the D8 (a grouping of Islamic less-

developed countries formed by Turkey). 13

21] 2017, October: Kaduna State Governor Nasir El-Rufai, a member of

Buhari’s Jihadist Cabal, began a process of changing Chiefdoms into Emirates.

22] 2017, October: The World Bank President revealed that Buhari asked the

World Bank to focus its development projects only in northern Nigeria. 14

12 Python Dance and the Bite of Biafra


Buhari-reaffirms-Nigerias-support for-self-determination-by-Western-Sahara


13 Nigeria exits 90 int’l bodies to save image


President Buhari attends D8 summit in Turkey


14 Buhari Asked Us To Focus On Northern Nigeria — World Bank President




23] 2015, May to 2019, March: Buhari’s security agencies, almost all headed

by Fulani officers, have been unable to seal (or is it uninterested in sealing?)

Nigeria’s borders to stop foreign Fulani herdsmen from coming into the country.

24] 2018, January: In a media release, the Fulani Nationality Movement,

FUNAM, declared that Nigeria is Allah’s gift to the Fulani, echoing what

Gwarzo had said in 2014 (See item 11 above).

25] 2015-2018: Under Buhari’s watch, Fulani militias and Boko Haram

intensified their attacks on Christian communities, their mass murder of

Christians, and the murder of priests, especially in the Middle Belt. In March

2018, Gen T. Y. Danjuma, a former Chief of Army Staff and former Defense

Minister, revealed that Buhari’s security forces have been aiding and abetting the

Fulani ethnic cleansing militia in the Middle Belt, thus adding his prominent

voice to many other such reports. 15

26] 2018, May: The president of Miyetti Allah, the Fulani Cattle Breeders’

Association, insisted on Cattle Colonies and Grazing Reserves and rejected

ranching. Their ulterior land-grab motive was explained by Col. Madaki and

Gen. Lekwot. 16

27] 2018 May: Trailer loads of Fulani infiltrate forests in Cross River; and

helicopters supply Fulani base camps in Delta State. 17 Infiltrations have also been

reported from other states in southern Nigeria.

28] 2018 July: Buhari’s government, through its media spokesman, warned

non-Fulani Nigerians to “Give up your ancestral lands or die!”

29] 2015-2019: Buhari continued to pack the Judiciary, from the Chief

Justice of the Supreme Court down to all levels, with Northern Muslims.

30] February and March 2019: Free and fair elections, Buhari Jihadist style,

were held and Buhari was, predictably, declared winner by his Fulani-led

Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).


15 See footnote 6 above.



Cattle Colony And Fulani Expansionism, by Zamani Lekwot and Col. Yohanna Madaki.

Cattle Colony And Fulani Expansionism

17 Tension As Two Trailer Load Of Fulani Herdsmen Invade Cross River Communities


Helicopter delivers supplies to Fulani herdsmen in Delta desert — Lawmaker, Ivewurie






What these 30 events show is that, since 2000, Nigerians have been under a

relentless and continuous Jihadist assault; yet, most Nigerians do not speak about

that fact and possibly are unaware of it. They have been suffering a Jihad for the

last 20 years without realizing it. How is that possible? How is such systematic

ignorance possible?

It is possible because of the paradigm or framework with which people view their

world. If that framework is defective, it doesn’t enable them to recognize certain

things. It’s like how we can’t see bacteria with our normal eyes until we look

through a microscope. In the same way, in color blindness, a Green-blind person

is unable to see the green part of the spectrum and hence can’t see a green object

that’s in front of him.

There is a political/conceptual equivalent of color blindness. Some of those who

still see no agenda may have simply failed to recognize what they are seeing for

what it is. It may be a matter of non-recognition: for example, if they lack the

concept of “forest” they cannot recognize numerous trees as being a forest.

Therefore, it is necessary to name and describe the particulars of Buhari's

FUDOJILS project, and point out their collective significance, so nobody can

pretend the agenda and its consequences were never pointed out to them.

Let’s see how a defective conceptual framework has operated to blindfold and

confuse Nigerians.



The creeping Islamization of Nigeria: 1960-2019

When Nigeria was granted independence in 1960, its visible and official ruler

was a Muslim: Alhaji Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, the Prime Minister. He was

the political lieutenant of Alhaji Sir Ahmadu Bello, the Sardauna (warlord) of

Sokoto. The Sardauna, being Sir Abubakar’s boss, was the real political supremo

of Nigeria. This simple fact of reaching independence under Muslim leaders has

had serious consequences for Nigeria’s history.

It is an Islamic doctrine that a country is Islamic if its ruler is a Muslim, even if

he is the lone Muslim in his whole country. And as a Muslim ruler, he is

obligated to spread Islam, starting in his own country. Accordingly, since 1960,

the Jihadist Muslims in the Sokoto Sultanate, a.k.a. the Caliphate, have

relentlessly tried to Islamize Nigeria through what they call “advancing Shari’a”.

But the non-Muslim secular democrats, in Southern Nigeria especially, took no

notice of the Islamizing project of their Fulani Caliphate compatriots. They

didn’t even notice the significance of the green on Nigeria’s flag. They didn’t

notice that, in Muslim eyes, the green-white-green flag proclaimed that Nigeria

was already a Muslim country. In contrast, the Fulani-led Jihadists in Nigeria,

who had been on Jihad since the early 1800s, carried on steadfastly with their




project of “advancing Shari’a,” expecting, someday, to advance Shari’a to a point

where they would be in a position strong enough to complete the Islamization of


The clueless Westernizing and Christian Nigerians put up no informed and

organized resistance to the creeping Islamization of Nigeria by these Fulani

Caliphate Jihadists. Even when, in 2000, the Caliphate Jihadists made Shari’a the

de facto Constitution in 12 of Nigeria’s 36 states, the Westernizing Christians

and secularists did nothing to resist that rebellion against the official secular

democratic identity and Constitution of Nigeria. (Unlike what happened in

Turkey in 1997). 18 They were still clueless about the creeping Islamization of

Nigeria when they helped install a Jihadist Buhari as the President of Nigeria in

  1. When he thus became the political leader of these Jihadists, Buhari was

determined to conclude the creeping Islamization of Nigeria. He and his Jihadist

cabal believed their position was at last strong enough for them to drop the

disguises of the preceding 55 years and boldly rule Nigeria as a de facto Islamic

country. And that is what Buhari has been doing since 2015, to the consternation

of the still clueless and confused secular democrats, who mistake Buhari’s

Jihadist actions as simply incompetent or dictatorial.

Most of Nigeria’s modernizing secular democrats are completely unaware of this

fundamental Islamization aspect of Nigeria’s history, and therefore don’t

understand what Buhari is about, and how to save themselves from it.


A Tale of Two Paradigms

Perceptions of Nigeria and its politics have been guided by two radically

different paradigms: (A) The Modern Secular Economistic (MSE) paradigm; and

(B) The Ethno-religious Paradigm.


18 The year 1997 in Turkey was dominated by the struggle between Islamists and secularists.

Tension between the coalition government formed in June 1996 by Necmettin Erbakan, leader of

the Islamist Welfare Party (RP), and the secularist opposition, supported by the armed forces, came

to a head at the beginning of the year. On February 1 the secularists were outraged by speeches at a

meeting organized by the RP mayor of the Ankara suburb of Sincan to commemorate Ayatollah

Ruhollah Khomeini's call for the "liberation" of Jerusalem. The Iranian ambassador, Mohammad

Reza Bagheri, who spoke at the meeting and denounced the U.S. and Israel, was forced to leave the

country; the Turkish ambassador in Tehran was expelled in retaliation; and the mayor of Sincan

was arrested.

On February 4 the armed forces showed their hand by sending a column of armoured vehicles

through the streets of Sincan. On February 28, at a meeting of the National Security Council, the

commanders of the armed forces declared that religious reaction had become a greater danger than

Kurdish separatism and demanded that the government legislate eight-year compulsory secular

education. This demand would entail the closing of religious "middle schools" (for 12-16-year olds)

and the limitation of enrollment in religious high schools to the staffing needs of mosques.

Turkey. (2015). Encyclopædia Britannica. Encyclopædia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite.

Chicago: Encyclopædia Britannica



(A) The Modern Secular Economistic (MSE) Paradigm

This paradigm manifests in different ways: a preoccupation, or exclusive

concern with resource control; with taking the feeding bottle away from the

Caliphate parasites; with the distribution of oil, VAT and other incomes; with

“better life,”: namely, the eradication of poverty, diseases, illiteracy (in English),

reduction of infant mortality; with building more schools, hospitals, roads,

railways, dams, and such indicators as are used in the UN Human Development

Index (HDI). The MSE world outlook refuses to recognize or give due weight to

the serious ethnic and religious lines that divide Nigerians.

According to that MSE world outlook, all Nigerians, just like Americans, are

secular and detribalized INDIVIDUALS practicing democracy and engaged in

upwardly mobile striving for prosperity. Nigeria’s problems are supposedly

rooted in poverty and tribalism, and can be solved only by reducing the numbers

of the poor and by everybody becoming detribalized and learning to live together

harmoniously through growing up together, attending unity schools, and

finishing up with the Youth Corps experience of living in some part of the

country other than their places of origin.

However, these things of the material world are of scant concern to Jihadists and

the rank and file Almajiri cannon fodder who adhere to:

(B) The Ethno-religious Paradigm

From top to bottom, from royalty to the poorest rank and file, the Jihadists see

the world in terms of religion and ethnicity. They are preoccupied with the

prospect of dying when on Jihad and going from there straight to a Muslim

heaven where they will be in the arms and beds of black-eyed, beautiful virgins.

But the heart of Nigeria’s problem is that the adherents of the MSE paradigm

assume that everybody already shares or will soon be brought around to share

their paradigm, mindset, desires and ambitions. They refuse to see, let alone

understand, that the Jihadists are not like themselves. Even if they understand

themselves, they don’t understand the Jihadists. In contrast, the Jihadist leaders

are well educated in the secularist system of the West, as well as in the Muslim

system of which the secularists know next to nothing. Is it any wonder that, “in a

hundred battles” the secularists have been “defeated a hundred times” by the

Jihadist leaders who understand both themselves and their MSE adversaries? And

that has been the record in Nigeria’s history since Dan Fodio’s Jihad in 1804.

The Fulani Jihadists have kept defeating their ignorant but arrogant MSE foes.

The people who are avid for Boko (Western education) have not tried to

understand the mentality of those for whom Boko is Haram or taboo.

If you don’t understand what a Jihadist is, and how he sees the world, and what

he wants in the world, and you are told that Buhari, in 2001, called himself a

Jihadist, you are likely to dismiss the statement as old and irrelevant to what is

happening in 2015 or 2019. That’s like dismissing a lion’s roar that you heard

last year as telling you nothing about the lion’s hunger for human flesh today.




Most Nigerians, especially the Christian and Westernized elites in the south, do

not see a religious, let alone Jihadist, factor in what is happening in Nigeria. They

see each of these events but don’t see a Jihad. They see each of these 30 events in

isolation, never together as a set. They don’t see them as the trees that make up

the Jihad forest. That’s because they adhere to the MSE paradigm for explaining

politics; a paradigm that lacks the Jihad concept. Let’s see how well this MSE

paradigm can explain the 30 items listed above.


How well does the MSE paradigm, with its identification of poverty as root

cause, explain these 30 events? How well, for instance, does poverty explain the

attacks on Christian churches and communities and the killing of priests by Boko

Haram and the Fulani Militia? Or Boko Haram’s abduction of the Chibok girls

and their forcible marriage of the Christians among their captives? Or the Emir of

Katsina’s abduction and marriage of an underage Christian girl? How does

poverty explain Kaduna State Governor El-Rufai’s conversion of chiefdoms into

emirates? Or Buhari’s brazen flouting of the secular democracy Constitution he

swore to uphold? Or Buhari’s biased anti-corruption campaign? Or his skewing

of security, judiciary and other appointments overwhelmingly in favor of

Northern Muslims?

Poverty may explain the herdsmen attack on Chief Olu Falae’s farm and other

cases of abduction for ransom. However, that the perpetrators were Fulani, or

were on an ethnic Fulani agenda, was initially unacknowledged, in line with the

“detribalized Nigerians” dogma. And the religious aspect was also not

acknowledged because Nigeria was supposed to have already become, or to be

developing into, a secular country where persons of different religions live

tolerantly and happily as neighbors. Because they are in denial regarding these

powerful ethnic and religious factors that actually dominate daily life in Nigeria,

the secularists see the religious and ethnic mayhem in the Middle Belt and the

Northeast as “senseless”, “irrational”, etc. Some have even blamed these massive

killings on a “bunch of psychopaths and anachronistic feudal mentality.” In

other words, their MSE framework obscures for them the nature and purpose of

the killings they read and complain about.

But let’s ask a few elementary questions: Is poverty causing Boko Haram to burn

churches and kill Christians?

Is poverty why the Fulani militia kill villagers and take over their villages in the

areas they operate in?

Is it poverty that is bringing trailer-loads of Fulani to hide in forests near villages

in Cross River State, and in Delta State where they receive supplies from


How does poverty explain Buhari’s Jihadist actions and policies listed above (#s

13, 16-18, 21-25, 30)? Or Gov El-Rufai’s (#27)? or #s 1, 3, 5-11? Not at all.




Of course, the burden of showing that the MSE paradigm can explain all these 30

developments, let alone in a better way than the Ethno-religious Paradigm, is

entirely on those who use it to explain Nigeria’s history. I have merely indicated

a few of the cases where the difficulties of explaining things seem insuperable.

In contrast, does the Ethno-religious Paradigm explain most of the listed events?

Yes, it does, as we shall see below. That’s because it acknowledges the powerful

ethnic and religious aspects of life in Nigeria, and allows us to recognize the

Fulani Domination, Jihad and Living Space (FUDOJILS) phenomena.



To show that the FUDOJILS project explains all of these major 30 events, it is

necessary to link each to some FUDOJILS project or concept.

How Fulani Domination and Jihad explain some of these 30 events and how

the Fulani Living Space project explains the rest.

#1: The imposition of the 1999 Constitution by military decree was to covertly

entrench Fulani domination through the devices and frauds in that document.

#2: OBJ’s mass retirement of Caliphate military officers, was done to prevent the

Fulani from overthrowing his elected regime.

#3: The adoption of Shari’a by 12 states in the Arewa (Far north) bastion of the

Caliphate, in violation of the 1999 Constitution, was to further “advance

Shari’a”; promote the Jihadist agenda; and protect the Domination agenda.

#4: Buhari’s coming out of his Jihadist closet was to position himself as the

champion of Jihad.

#5: Mustapha Jokolo’s call for Jihad in 2005 was in the interest of both Jihad

(Islamization by war) and Caliphate Fulani domination.

#6: The sponsored growth of Boko Haram was to promote Jihad as well as

restore a Fulani domination that had been undermined by OBJ.

#7: Bala N’Allah’s call for the extermination of 20 million Niger Delta militants

was aimed to secure Fulani Domination from challenge by its Niger Delta


#8: The “underwear bomber’s” attempt was in the service of Jihad.

#9: Lawal Kaita’s threat to make Nigeria ungovernable for President Jonathan

was in the service of restoring Fulani domination.

#10: Boko Haram’s quit notice to Southerners in the North, and the Fulani militia

attacks on villages in Benue were some early manifestations of the Fulani Living

Space project. These attacks, by some accounts, began as far back as 2009.

#11: Ismaila Gwarzo’s declaration that “Nigeria is Allah’s gift to the Fulani (…)

to rule and to do with as we please.” was in furtherance of Fulani domination.




#12: Buhari’s becoming President of Nigeria placed him in a position to carry on

the domination and Jihadist agenda of the Fulani.

#13: Buhari’s discriminatory anti-corruption policy is protective of Fulani

officials and Fulani domination; it also applies the Jihadist principle that non-

Muslims are not the equal of Muslims in an Islamic state.

#14: The abduction of Chief Olu Falae from his farm for a ransom looks like a

crime motivated by poverty. But was it? It should be noted that Chief Falae’s

farm has been attacked several times, but ransom was demanded only the first

time. So, what motivated the attacks that followed the first? Could it also have

motivated the first attack? Was the demand for ransom designed to mislead?

I think these attacks have a different purpose than economic. They were designed

to intimidate the Yoruba and keep them subservient to the Fulani. I base this

explanation on a device for Fulani minority rule that Ibrahim Tahir, in a boastful

moment, revealed to Chuba Okadigbo when they both were colleagues in the

NPN leadership under President Shagari in the early 1980s. The story goes like

this: Okadigbo asked Tahir how come a lone Fulani herdsman could control a

herd of hundreds of cows each of whom could trample him underfoot. Tahir

explained it thus: The cattle leading the herd are liable to wander off in any

direction and scatter the column of cattle. To prevent that from happening, the

lone herdsman hastens forward and hits one of the straying cattle very hard with

his stick until it returns to its place in the line. The others watch this happen and,

not wanting to be beaten like that, learn their lesson and stay in line. And Tahir

concluded by saying that that’s how his Fulani people keep their subject peoples

under control. When any of the leaders of the subject peoples starts getting out of

line, his Fulani masters publicly and severely punish him for all to see. His

people, from fear of getting the same treatment, avoid following him. I think

that’s what was being done to the Yoruba through one of their most prominent

sons, Chief Falae. A similar thing was done in 1993 to General Lekwot by

framing and sentencing him to death when his Zango Kataf people became

restive after the Fulani used their cattle colony to take over rulership of Zango

Kataf. 19 On this explanation, the attacks on Falae and his farm were not for the

ransom demanded when he was kidnapped in the first attack, but to publicly and

repeatedly hit him so hard that the Yoruba would stay subservient to the Fulani.

That is to say, despite appearances, this was also a case that served Fulani


#15: Putting the Fulani militia on the terrorism list immediately following ISIS,

al-Shabab and Boko Haram can be understood as inviting Nigerians to see them

in the same light as those other Jihadist forces; and as encouraging them to stop

accepting the disinformation that the attacks by these militias were like the

traditional farmer-herder clashes. After all, traditional herders did not carry

AK47s and other sophisticated weapons or attack in battalion-size units. It

19 Zamani Lekwot and Others Face Government-Sanctioned Lynching


March 1, 1993




therefore served to expose the Fulani Living Space project that had been hidden

by the systematic disinformation about farmer-herder conflict.

#16: Buhari’s practice of overwhelmingly appointing Northern Muslims to

Judicial, military and other offices not only brazenly flouts the Federal Character

provision of the Constitution; it also, like #13, applies the Jihadist doctrine that

non-Muslims are not the equal of Muslims in an Islamic state but second-class


Basically, Buhari’s general disregard for the secular democratic Constitution he

swore to uphold is in line with the Jihadist doctrines that “Secularism completely

contradicts religious ideology”. And “Democracy should be prohibited” because,

among many other things, it “is the rule of the people [and] not the rule of Allah

the Exalted”; “the legislator obeyed under democracy is mankind, not God”; it

“is based on the idea of freedom of religion and creed. Under democracy, a

person has the right to believe whatever he pleases, to adopt the faith of his

choice, and to revert to any religion whenever he wishes to do so, even if this

apostasy leads to the abandonment of the religion of God almighty, to atheism, . .

. Beyond doubt, this is a matter that is in contradiction of many Sharia texts. A

Muslim who reverts from his religion to disbelief shall be sentenced to death

under Islam, as is set forth in the Hadith narrated by Bukhari and others: ‘He who

exchanges his religion, Kill him.’”; Democracy “abolishes the authority of the

Sharia over society and opposes it in form and in content”; and in all these ways

“it stands in opposition to the religion of Allah.” 20

#17: In abducting an underage Christian girl, and forcibly marring her, the Emir

of Katsina was upholding the Jihadist doctrine that “Jihad is waged to hurt the

Infidels” . . . “taking them captive and enslaving them injures their honor and

morale.” 21

#18: Buhari’s Defense Minister’s boast about the Fulani record of political

murder with impunity serves to intimidate the victims of Fulani domination. It

says, to them: look what we can do to you, and with impunity.

#19: Buhari’s militarily crushing unarmed Biafra self-determination

demonstrators in SE Nigeria while he declared his support for Muslim self-

determination in Western Sahara was an application internationally of the

Jihadist doctrine of the inequality of Muslim and non-Muslim. It also was an

application of the Jihadist doctrine that “Allah made annihilating the infidels one

of his steadfast decrees when Allah said ‘Obliterate the infidels’. [Quran 3:141] 22

#20: Buhari’s withdrawal of Nigeria from 90 non-Islamic international

organizations while keeping it in Islamic organizations like the OIC and the D8

confirmed and reinforced Nigeria’s official linkage with the Islamic world. It also

further emphasized the Islamic identity that was imposed quietly on Nigeria at its

independence in 1960 and advertised by its green-white-green flag.

20 David Aaron, In their own words: Voices of Jihad (Santa Monica, CA, Rand Corporation, 2008),

  1. 141-147.

21 Ibid., p.153

22 Ibid., p. 156




#21: Kaduna State Governor Nasir El-Rufai’s move to change Chiefdoms into

Emirates would extend Fulani domination over populations that had never been

part of the Fulani emirate system.

#22: Buhari’s asking the World Bank to focus its development projects only in

northern Nigeria was another act of Jihadist discrimination against the non-

Muslims in the other parts of Nigeria and serves the interest of the northern

bastion of Fulani domination.

#s 23-28 each serves the Fulani Living Space project that #24 made public. In

particular, #23, not sealing off Nigeria’s borders, allows the inflow of armed

Fulani herdsmen and militia into Nigeria; and #25, the aiding and abetting of the

Fulani ethnic cleansing militia in the Middle Belt by Buhari’s security forces,

facilitates the project; and #26: Miyetti Allah’s insistence on Cattle Colonies and

Grazing Reserves and its rejection of ranching, together facilitate Fulani

expropriation of the lands of non-Fulani peoples. Cattle Colonies, as Col. Madaki

and Gen. Lekwot explain, are a device Fulanis have traditionally used to gain a

toehold in the territories of their intended victims; Grazing Reserves will

obviously help them penetrate other people’s territory and set up cattle colonies;

and #27, the infiltration of Fulani into forests in Cross River, Delta, and other

states in southern Nigeria implements the FUNAM directive to Fulani herdsmen

from all over West Africa to “penetrate every corner [of Nigeria] for the

upcoming Jihad.” And #28, the Buhari government’s warning to non-Fulani

Nigerians to “Give up your ancestral lands or die!” aims to discourage resistance

to the Fulani ethnic cleansing land grabbers.

We should note that the attacks on Christian communities and churches; the

killing of priests and the mass murder of Christians all serve the Jihadist project

of destroying Christianity and other religions that Jihadists consider repugnant to

Islam. Basing themselves on the Quran, Jihadists claim that “Allah made

annihilating the infidels one of his steadfast decrees” . . . ‘for the unbelievers are

unto you open enemies’ [Quran 4: 101]. 23

In Africa specifically, the destruction of Christianity and other non-

Islamic religions was prescribed as a project by the 1989 Islam in Africa

Conference that was held in Abuja. [THE ABUJA DECLARATION–The

Islamic Initiative to Takeover Africa

feature-articles/15-the-abuja-declaration.html ]

#29: Buhari continued packing of the judiciary, at all levels, including the Chief

Justice of the Supreme Court, with Northern Muslims, is just another Jihadist

device for Islamizing the Nigerian state apparatus.

#30: The 2019 free and fair election, Buhari Jihadist style, and INEC’s false

declaration of Buhari as winner will facilitate every aspect of FUDOJILS during

Buhari’s second term.


23 Ibid., pp.154, 156





It should now be abundantly clear that the FUDOJILS project explains all of

these major 30 events that have occurred in Nigeria since 1999. It does so by

linking each to some FUDOJILS project or concept.



When you finally see that Jihad is being waged on you, you learn something vital

about the fighting methods of your enemy. You are then able to see through his

usual tricks and stratagems and then can evade or counter them. For instance,

when he plays Takkiya on you, you are not fooled, you do not fall for what he

says under oath, least of all for what he swears on the Koran, because you now

know that Takkiya enjoins him to deceive the infidel, even by swearing falsely on

the Koran. You also know that, like Muhammed’s example with the treaty of

Hudaybiya, he will not honor any agreement he signs with non-Muslims. You

realize that any talk or claim of integrity in a Jihadist enemy is just a pretense.

You now know and you don’t allow yourself to be confused by the pretense.

Knowing these usual tricks and techniques of Jihadists, we can then organize to

fight appropriately. If you recognize that your opponent in the boxing ring is a

southpaw, you change your boxing stance and style to accommodate and take

advantage of that fact.


We have seen how well one paradigm explains these events and how inept the

other is at the task

But it is even more important to ask:


In healthy and normal animals, a perceived threat triggers the fight-or-flight

response. We therefore expect that when the normal among Nigeria’s

modernizing secular democrats accept that they are under attack from Buhari’s

forces, they will decide which it is to be for them: fight or flight.

By the MSE paradigm, you should presumably do everything needed to terminate

what it identifies as the root source of the threat: the poverty of the ethnic

cleansers and their Fulani constituency. You should abolish the poverty of the

Fulani even by giving up your ancestral lands. That means you should sacrifice

your welfare, your wealth, and even your life to abolish or alleviate the poverty

of the land-greedy Fulani militias. Since you will be killed immediately if you

don’t give up your land, and will die of starvation and homelessness, perhaps

more slowly, if you give up your land and become a refugee, that means that the

MSE paradigm requires you, whatever choice you make, to sacrifice your life for

the Fulani. What self-respecting person would do that? Not even a slave of the

Fulani would do that. Did your God create you to be used as human sacrifice to

the Fulani armed land robbers?




In contrast, the Ethno-religious Paradigm suggests that you terminate

FUDOJILS, the source of the threat, by fighting; or that you flee from it. Now, in

March 2019, are non-Jihadist non-Fulani Nigerians organized for a fight? Do

they understand Jihadists and how to defeat them? Do they have the trained

forces, weapons and disciplined organization that can fight Buhari and his

assemblage of armed forces for genocide: Boko Haram, Fulani Militia, Fulani

Herdsmen, all aided and abetted by the Fulani-led Nigerian military? If not, what

do they do? Plunge into a hopeless resistance?  Get into a fight without more

ammunition than the other guy?

It should be obvious that armed ethnic militants (the OPC of the Yoruba,

MASSOB of the Igbo, the Avengers and other militants of the Niger Delta) are

together no match for Buhari’s collection of armed forces. Given the mighty

disparity between the armed strengths of the two sides, the secularists can’t hope

to win militarily. As they can’t win by fighting, they must endeavor to win

without fighting. And in this case, winning without fighting means flight into the

protection of the United Nations. And for that, serious and expert diplomacy is

needed to get UN membership for their new countries.

Flight and escape from your Fulani exterminators requires that you remove the

territory and population of your ethnic group from the jurisdiction and physical

control of Buhari’s Nigerian state. And this should be done preferably by Xmas

2019, before his genocide project gathers unstoppable momentum. And that is

something practical that could be done if you have the will to find the way to do


Instead of sheepishly, lazily and dishonorably accepting and waiting passively

for the Fulani to use you for human sacrifice, isn’t it an obvious necessity to find

a way to escape the genociders and get into the safe refuge of the UN by Xmas


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