The presidential broadcast and expectations


By Monday Ubani

To be honest, nobody in his right senses expected the President of Nigeria not to have  extended  the lockdown in the affected places, in fact many people were of the expectation that the total lockdown should have been made to affect the entire length and breadth of the country. However the extension were still restricted to FCT, Abuja, Lagos and Ogun States. Of note is that  almost all the States except few  have announced restrictions  and lockdowns in their various States.

The purpose of the extension is not far fetched, as evidences from other nations afflicted with the virus is scary, death upon death with rapid spread of infection of the virus on the citizens. News from other continents also showed that their leaders have extended total lockdown of their countries to minimize the spread of the deadly virus amongst their citizens. Therefore the extension by President Muhammed Buhari was greeted with applause because that is the only solution for now to avoid community infection.

Sadly, the presidential address  fell short in addressing the attendant issues associated with the shut down of economic, social and family lives in Nigeria.

The issue of comprehensive palliatives to the citizens and insecurity arising from the shut down were not adequately treated in the address. Nigerians that depend on daily business, work, trade etc have been under distress since the lockdown and the further extension will not be palatable to them and their families if help is not forthcoming from any source. Already armed robbery, breaking of homes and shops have become rampant in some parts of Lagos and Ogun States since the shut down, the extension as announced will aggravate the rate of crime in the aforementioned areas. It is appalling that the President’s address did not give adequate attention to the issues  and how they should be comprehensively tackled.

The States in the federation has been issuing  executive directives and  making executive orders purportedly acting under the Quarantine Act as so prescribed, my thought Is that the President’s additional order will be meant to shed light on areas that may create friction between the Federal and the State Governments possibly to avoid the kind of regrettable situation we presently have in Rivers State. The laws or orders of the federal should cover the field in any area where there is a conflict of laws or executive orders between the federal and the component units. Therefore the additional order, if I am right, is meant to achieve that purpose.  Therefore the additional order is  highly needed and welcomed at this juncture in the fight against the pandemic.

Finally it is advised that both the States and Federal Government should form a symbiotic synergy and bring out a more strategic and innovative manner to address the deficient method of the present social intervention method deployed that has failed to address the harsh economic situation the total lockdown has imposed on the entire citizens in the country. It is noted that virtually all the State governments have announced total lockdown and restriction of movements in their dormain, therefore everyone is hurting both rich and poor. They need attention as many are saying that hunger may be more deadly than the coronavirus if not addressed by the government.


Monday O. Ubani is the former second vice president  of NBA.

– Apr. 14, 2020 @ 20:05 GMT |

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