Congo foreign minister accepts Belgian king’s apology

Marie Tumba Nzenza

CONGO’s Foreign Minister, Marie Tumba Nzenza has expressed her gratitude to King Philippe of Belgium, who earlier on Tuesday apologised for his country’s colonial-era cruelty.

“It’s a balm on the hearts of the Congolese people. This is a breakthrough that will boost the friendly relations between our two nations,’’ she said in a statement.

She said that after 60 years of independence, these were the best Independence Day wishes that Belgium had given them, adding that the king had laid the foundations for profound change.

She said that the apology was a powerful psychological boost that would allow Congolese people to review their outlook.

Earlier, Belgian King Philippe  had  expressed regret for the acts of  cruelty committed during the years that his ancestor, Leopold II, presided over what is now the Democratic Republic of the Congo as his personal property

In his letter to DRC President, Felix Tshisekedi on Tuesday, Philippe wrote for the first time of his deep regret for these past injuries, the pain of which is also revived by the discriminations that were all too present in our societies.

The 60-year-old monarch also apologised for the suffering and humiliation caused after the end of Leopold II’s administration of the Congo Free State (1885-1908) when the country became Belgian Congo. (dpa/NAN)

– Jun. 30, 2020 @ 18:35 GMT |

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