Conoil’s New Lubricants

Mike Adenuga, Chairman of Conoil
Mike Adenuga, Chairman of Conoil

Conoil has introduced four new brands of lubricants in the Nigerian market

|  By Anayo Ezugwu  |  Mar. 18, 2013 @ 10:00 GMT

CONOIL Nigeria PLC has introduced four new brands of lubricant into the market. The lubricants are Golden Super Motor Oil SAE 40, Tro-Tro Golden Super Motor Oil SAE 40, Golden Super Diesel SAE 40 and Quatro Heavy Duty Generator Oil 15W40.

Already, the Standards Organisation of Nigeria, SON has certified the products as high performance engine oils that provide maximum benefits to the users of modern vehicles and machinery. According to SON, the lubricants have met the specific requirements of relevant Nigerian industrial standards after series of rigorous and extensive tests of the contents and production procedures. The correct usage of these lubricants ensures prolonged and trouble-free vehicle and machine operation.

Golden Super Motor Oil gives adequate protection to petrol engines, with good detergent and adequate viscosity retention with temperature. Golden Super Diesel engine oil is a top quality oil specially formulated to give reliable all-year-round service in light and medium duty, naturally aspirated engines.

The Quatro Heavy Duty Generator Oil which is infused with a comprehensive additive package and good anti-wear properties is the ideal choice for generating sets. Tro-Tro Golden Super Motor Oil is a quality multi-grade lubricant suitable for major, light and medium duty vehicles that are fuelled by petrol or Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

The Company, in a statement, described the latest SON certification as an attestation to its relentless efforts to adhere to global best practices, produce high quality lubricants comparable in international standards and to provide excellent service that meets consumer satisfaction, in line with its objective of becoming the preferred marketer of lubricants in Nigeria and the West Coast.

The SON had previously certified other lubricants by Conoil, like Quatro HDX, Okada Golden Super 20w50w and Quatro Ultra 20w50, confirming their status as world-class quality lubricant brands.

Meanwhile, the company has highly skilled and experienced engineers capable of developing high quality lubricant products, innovatively, using modern technology. The company’s major lubricant plant in Apapa, Lagos is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for testing lubricants, greases as well as upgrading existing products on a continuous basis.

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