COVID-19: Compel residents to obey safety protocols – Labour, CSOs advise Plateau Govt.


THE Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC), the Trade Union Congress (TUC) and the Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) Situation Room, have urged the Plateau Government to compel residents of the state to obey the COVID-19 safety protocols.

Mr Steve Aluko, Chairman Plateau NLC/TUC, CSOs Situation Room, made the call while addressing newsmen on Friday in Jos.

Aluko said that the Coronavirus pandemic had spiked after the economy was reopened and called on the State Government to use the manpower at its disposal to ensure that the protocols were enforced and respected by all.

He said that security agencies should be engaged and made to understand that the pandemic was real and not a respecter of persons or creed.

He suggested that those who refused to obey the protocols should be arrested and prosecuted.

“Also the Situation Room is of the view that government engages the services of the neighborhood watch, vigilance groups and sundry agencies to help in enforcing the protocols.

“By so doing so, government must ensure that these sets of people are motivated and encouraged to work for the good of all,” he said.

The chairman also advised that religions leaders, market leaders, banks and other public places must insist and ensure that all those who used their facilities followed the protocols put in place to curb the spread of the virus.

He suggested that defaulting bodies should be shut, fined and prosecuted to serve as deterrent to others who ran foul of the protocols.

He urged civil servants, CSO’s and the other stakeholders to take up the challenge and lead the fight against the disease.

Aluko said they could do so by educating their colleagues in their various places of work, their families and the general public on the protocols of staying safe and  alive.

“The Labour/CSOs Situation Room commends the Plateau Government for listening to the cries of the people by reopening the society in order to revitalise the socio-economic activities of the state.

“This, no doubt re-emphasises the fact that democracy should and must serve the yearnings and aspirations of the people.

“However, available statistics point to the fact that the pandemic has spiked since the relaxation of the lockdown.

“To curb this exponential spread and in order to stem the tide, the Situation Room calls on the general public to, as a matter of urgency and collective responsibility, adhere strictly to the NCDC and the state government’s protocols.

“This is necessary because our communities are fast becoming epicentres of the spread of the virus.

“It therefore, behoves on all leaders at these levels to sensitise and educate their members on the looming dangers posed by the pandemic and ensure that the spike is arrested and controlled,” he said

He further advised that machinery be put in place for enlightenment so that the citizenry would be conversant with the NCDC protocols.

The chairman lauded the state government for establishing a research team and mandated it to find some remedy to the virus.

He urged the government to provide the committee with the wherewithal to do its job quickly so as to bring succour to the people.

“To further the frontiers of the fight, government must endeavour to motivate all frontline workers so that they can put in their best as they do their job.

“This can be achieved by adequately providing Personal Protection Equipment (PPEs), promptly paying them their allowances and ensuring that their health and that of their families and dependents are not compromised.

“The Situation Room also calls on the Federal Government to, as a matter of urgency, pay the Association of Resident Doctors (ARD) their dues so that they can return to work.

“This will surely help in the fight against other diseases that can further expose people to the deadly COVID-19.

“Health workers on their part should adhere to the standard precautionary measures of prevention of the disease in the course of the performance of their duties.

Aluko said that it was important to let the people know that there were isolation centres that dealt with suspected cases of the disease.


– June 19, 2020 @ 15:29 GMT |

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