COVID-19: Edo residents urge FG to put fixed price on face mask, gloves

Face mask

RESIDENTS of Edo have urged the government to regulate the sales of face mask and hand gloves in the state following the pandemic disease, COVID-19.

Some of the residents told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Wednesday in Benin that the traders had capitalized on the pandemic to increase the cost of obtaining face mask, hand gloves, and hand sanitizers.

Ogbebor Alidia, a teacher told NAN that the price of face masks and gloves were on the increase in the state following the pandemic.

“One face mask presently is sold for N500, while a pair of hands glove goes for N200 .

“Before the pandemic, the face masks pack was actually sold for N4, 000, but now goes for N12, 000.

“We as Nigerians are killing ourselves with our own hands. While some people are scared for life and trying to avoid the disease, others are happy, and making money out of the situation by selling these items of prevention, the face masks, sanitizers and gloves at exorbitant prices,” she said.

Oghosa Osasuyi, a lawyer told NAN that some of the traders were acting in ignorance as  majority of residents of the state were  not aware of  the dreaded coronavirus disease.

“Places like Upper Ekehuan, Egor and other villages are not aware about coronavirus.

“The government needs to create awareness about this disease, these places I just mentioned do not have light, communication services and even hospitals.

“If we don’t create awareness and sensitise the general public, it will be difficult to chase the disease away.

“I stand for awareness, without awareness, we have not started work,” he said.

Orobosa Osasogie, a businessman advised the general public to avoid social gatherings, maintain at least one and a half meters distance between them and anyone sneezing and coughing.

He said the key to avoiding the spread of coronavirus remained washing of hands, before, during and after food preparation, and to cover the mouth and nose with flexed elbow or tissue when coughing and maintain a high level of personal hygiene.

“Staying safe is the most important thing right now. “If you cannot afford a face mask because it is expensive, please stay indoors for now.”

“The price of face mask in alarming, people are making money just from selling face mask,” he said.

Ologbo Israel said government should provide more quarantine centres in order to tackle the disease.

“Government should be able to provide facilities and equipment to tackle the disease.

“The government should ensure strict monitoring, especially in transportation and regulate free flow of information,” he said.

Alice Odianose, a dealer of face masks, hand gloves and alcohol base sanitizer said the high cost was due to high patronage and demand.

“I used to buy a pack of gloves for N500 and sell for N1200, but now it has risen from N1200 to N3500.

“The face mask was N4, 000 for a pack, but now it’s sold for N12, 000,” she said.

NAN reports that Nigeria Center for Disease Control on March 23, confirmed five new cases of COVID-19 in Nigeria and one in Edo. The case in Edo is being treated at Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital (ISTH). (NAN)

– Mar. 25, 2020 @ 15:55 GMT |

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