COVID-19: Sanders suspends presidential campaign

Sanders acknowledges cheers at a campaign rally

United States presidential aspirant, Sen. Bernie Sanders, has suspended his campaign for the Democratic Party’s nomination for the November election.

“Today I am suspending my campaign. But while the campaign ends, the struggle for justice continues”, the 78-year-old Vermont lawmaker said in a tweet on Wednesday.

With this decision, the coast is now clear for former Vice President Joe Biden, to face incumbent President Donald Trump of the Republican Party in November.

Reacting to the announcement, Biden described Sanders as a good leader, and “one of the most powerful voices for change in our country”.

“I know Bernie well. He’s a good man, a great leader, and one of the most powerful voices for change in our country.

“And it’s hard to sum up his contributions to our politics in one, single tweet. So I won’t try to,” the former Veepee on his tweeter handle.

Trump also immediately tweeted his reaction to the development, thanking one of Sanders’ contenders for the Democratic Party’s ticket, Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

“Bernie Sanders is OUT! Thank you to Elizabeth Warren. If not for her, Bernie would have won almost every state on Super Tuesday!

“This ended just like the Democrats and the DNC wanted, same as the Crooked Hillary fiasco.

“The Bernie people should come to the Republican Party, TRADE!” The president tweeted. (NAN)

– Apr. 8, 2020 @ 18:25 GMT |

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