COVID-19: WHO DG briefs 700 UN resident coordinators

Tedros Ghebreyesus

Tedros Ghebreyesus, Director-General of World Health Organisation (WHO), says he has briefed no fewer than 700 UN resident coordinators, WHO representatives and the UN staff on evolution of COVID-19 pandemic.

Ghebreyesus said on his twitter account @DrTedros on Friday that he also briefed on the updated strategy, which covered how to transit out of “lockdowns”.

“I thanked them all for their commitment to responding to COVID-19 on the front lines. I am encouraged to see all levels of UN, especially at the country level.

“I am encouraged to see all of them working as one in support of governments.

“I urged them to remain together and healthy to keep the world safe,’’ he said.

According to him, WHO’s COVID-19 response includes a practical manual on how to set up and manage treatment centres, which covers structural design, infection prevention, control measures and ventilation measures.

The director general said so far, the Solidarity Response Fund had generated 150 million US dollars from 245 countries, individuals, corporations and foundations.

“These funds are helping us to buy personal protective equipment, laboratory diagnostics and other essential supplies for the countries that need it most.

“This is an opportunity to express our solidarity with frontline workers and to mobilise philanthropists, the private sector and governments to support the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund,’’ he said. (NAN)

– Apr. 17, 2020 @ 19:15 GMT |

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